Posted 10/15/14

Palaces regained

Of the many Lobkowicz palaces occupied by the Nazis and seized by the Communists during the past century, four have now been restored and opened to the public 

Posted 09/24/14

The democratization of glamour

The Mu­seum of Fine Arts, Boston's glittering exhibition Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen documents this shift in American style and stylishness in the 1930s and 1940s

Posted 09/24/14

Lost (and found) illusions

Inspired by the visual pleasures of letter-rack paintings, a master carver creates his own versions in three dimensions

Posted 09/10/14

Uncommon women and the art of the common man

The role of women in the discovery, promotion, and collecting of American folk art

Posted 08/12/14

A Fruitful Exchange

The emergence of Native American floral beadwork, one of the rare benefits of contact with Euro-Americans, is displayed at the Autry National Center, where contemporary examples indicate the tradition's rich survival 

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