Posted 01/20/12

Ahead of the curve: The Newark Museum now and then

In a better world we would all be thronging the doors of the Newark Museum; in the best of worlds Ulysses Grant Dietz would be there to meet us, taking us through the galleries with fellow curators Christa Clarke and Katherine Anne Paul

Posted 10/24/16

Painting with fire

Enameling and the Cleveland school.

Posted 10/20/16

Sculpting Joy: Experiencing the artist and his art at the Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation

In the entranceway to the Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation, located in a town house in historic Greenwich Village, two sculptures by Chaim Gross welcome visitors to the place where he worked and lived. Together, they announce the hallmarks of his art.  

Posted 10/14/16

Case History: Lost and found

How a tsunami-tossed pair of sacred Japanese artifacts found their way across the Pacific and back home again.

Posted 09/23/16

That was another country

Precisely because photography is thought to be the most objective of all mediums, it acquires over the course of years, and seemingly in spite of itself, a haunted quality that no other product of visual culture can claim to the same degree.

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