Posted 01/20/12

Ahead of the curve: The Newark Museum now and then

In a better world we would all be thronging the doors of the Newark Museum; in the best of worlds Ulysses Grant Dietz would be there to meet us, taking us through the galleries with fellow curators Christa Clarke and Katherine Anne Paul

Posted 07/15/15

On stage in the garden: The roots of Frida Kahlo’s art at the New York Botanical Garden

After decades of lionization, what more could there be to say about Frida Kahlo? A great deal, as a visit to Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life, the new exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden, proves. All it took was a fresh perspective and a unique team of talents.

Posted 07/14/15

Black dolls

Margo Jefferson | Miniature trains and boats; animals and picture books; balls that bounce and tops that spin: these toys belong to non-human worlds. Dolls are the only toys made in our image, the only human-like creatures children are given dominion over

Posted 07/01/15

A charmed life

English inspiration, American creativity, and a bit of historical luck are joined in the author’s house and gardens

Posted 07/01/15

Gray matters

Recent films, exhibitions, and books re-establish Eileen Gray's reputation and start to set the record straight

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