Posted 11/13/14

How southern is it?

With one thousand works inspired by the American South, the Johnson Collection of Spartanburg, South Carolina, has staged a quiet art historical revolution. Through exhibitions, loans, publications, and institutional partnerships the collec­tion has redefined, elevated, and greatly expanded the meaning of regional 

Posted 11/13/14

William H. Johnson in the Johnson Collection

Finding a modern African-American voice

Posted 10/30/14

A tale of two sofas

The rare duo by John Henry Belter, now restored and on display at the VMFA, were well suited to their long and glamorous role in Washington's social scene 

Posted 10/30/14

They all slept here

An eighteenth-century house and its collections in Kinderhook, New York

Posted 10/15/14

Palaces regained

Of the many Lobkowicz palaces occupied by the Nazis and seized by the Communists during the past century, four have now been restored and opened to the public 

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