Posted 03/04/13

Loving the Gilded Age and learning how to look

"Newport is a sleeping beauty. It's famous for its houses and the legendary quality of the town, the families that lived here and the events that occurred."

Posted 03/04/13

1735-1790: Painters, Paintings, & the American South

The art of the American South begins in the sixteenth century with maps and natural-history drawings created by the first artist-explorers to arrive...

Posted 03/04/13

By special invitation only

Exquisite vintage lithographs from the golden age of New Orleans's Carnival

Posted 01/23/13

Wendell D. Garrett, 1929-2012

The editorials that Wendell Garrett wrote for this magazine over forty years radiate a quiet confidence in American democracy. But if you read a great many of them alongside the notebooks of quotations he kept throughout his life you begin to see a man who was actually turning over the topsoil of our democracy in search of solid ground to justify that confidence.

Posted 01/23/13

Living with antiques: A California family gathers its history in a coast-to-coast collection of Americana

You might say that this story begins with a canary-yellow jug...

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