Posted 11/11/12

All About Eats: Art and the American Imagination in Chicago

Decorative arts, paintings, menus, and recipes describe three centuries of American appetites at the Art Institute of Chicago. The works assembled sample the complex stew of art, politics, class, race, gender, and commerce with an eye toward the ever mutable American character.

Posted 10/10/12

Collector Profile: Will Shortz

Crossword editor of the New York Times and National Public Radio's puzzle master.

Posted 10/10/12

Defining glamour: Syrie Maugham and Cecil Beaton

The complementary relationship between Syrie Maugham and Cecil Beaton provides a remarkable record of the interplay between fashion, photography, and design in the years between the first and second World Wars. 

Posted 10/10/12

The Peabody Essex Museum's collection of Chinese export ceramics

A selection of objects from the nearly three hundred examples featured in William R. Sargent's monumental Treasures of Chinese Export Ceramics from the Peabody Essex Museum, published earlier this year.

Posted 10/10/12

Amistad and after: Hale Woodruff's Talladega murals

Considered one of Woodruff's most important accomplishments, the murals are as significant historically as they are artistically.

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