Posted 03/27/13

The Cartier fern-spray brooches

The beauty of the diamond contains within it the awesomeness of geological time. But for sheer scale and lavishness, diamond jewelry reached its climax during the relatively brief reign of Britain's Edward VII from 1901 to 1910. 

Posted 03/13/13

Cradle of liberty, cradle of craft

Philadelphia's unparalleled list of great artist-artisans in the twentieth century is part of a legacy that goes back three hundred years.

Posted 03/13/13

American pewter

In April the Pewter Collectors' Club of America is presenting a loan exhibition, Pewter: The Philadelphia Story, at the Philadelphia Antiques Show. If colonial silver often takes the spotlight for rarity and cost in American metalwork, this exhibition of nearly 150 of the finest domestic and ecclesiastical examples of eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century pewter will underscore the soft warmth of pewter's silvery-gray sheen and the subtle restraint of design that have bolstered pewter's continuing allure as a collecting field.  

Posted 03/11/13

The hidden face of the Civil War

The images presented here, selected especially for The Magazine Antiques, depict Southerners who fought for the Confederacy. In the large field of American iconography, these photographs are among the most provocative and rare nineteenth-century portraits.

Posted 03/11/13

Philadelphia collects: The torch bearer

This issue celebrates the long history of Philadelphia as the city of great artist-artisans. That history would be even more impressive had there been a Helen Drutt on the scene in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to make sure that absolutely nothing of value was lost to posterity.