Posted 03/11/13

Philadelphia collects: City folk

The collectors, Philadelphians Joan M. and Victor L. Johnson, have long been known to enthusiasts of American decorative arts but it was only with their 2009 move from the country to a penthouse apartment in Society Hill that they felt comfortable going public.  

Posted 03/04/13

Curiously Carved: Pictorial Sources of Scrimshaw

Contrary to persistent stereotypes characterizing seamen in the Age of Sail as illiterate ruffians, nineteenth-century Yankee whalemen were characteristically literate and avid readers.

Posted 03/04/13

Monumental confidence: restored Roosevelt murals

A look inside at the newly reopened  Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda. 

Posted 03/04/13

Loving the Gilded Age and learning how to look

"Newport is a sleeping beauty. It's famous for its houses and the legendary quality of the town, the families that lived here and the events that occurred."

Posted 03/04/13

1735-1790: Painters, Paintings, & the American South

The art of the American South begins in the sixteenth century with maps and natural-history drawings created by the first artist-explorers to arrive...

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