Posted 11/04/16

Finding beauty in decay: The documentary photography of Sherman Cahal

For almost twenty years Sherman Cahal has traveled the Middle West and Appalachia, photographing residential, industrial, and commercial buildings that exist in various states of disrepair and decay, creating a visual record that is, of course, sad, but that also invokes the peculiar appeal of old, worn things.

Posted 11/03/16

Artistic Affinities: On the edge of something new at the Shelburne Museum

Electra Havemeyer Webb, the founder of the Shelburne Museum, was a collector of astonishingly wideranging interests. Her diversity of tastes is reflected in holdings that include carriages, decoys, weather vanes, and antique bedcoverings, as well as paintings by Manet, Courbet, and Monet, and the steamboat Ticonderoga. Yet with its pastoral Vermont setting and a campus dotted with examples of vernacular New England architecture, the museum is primarily associated by many with its outstanding collection of folk art and Americana. 

Posted 11/02/16

Glass Act: A new show at the Jewish Museum examines the life and work of art deco master Pierre Chareau

With its stunning fac╠žade composed almost entirely of textured glass blocks set in a steel framework, the Maison de Verre, or “House of Glass,” designed and built between 1927 and 1932, is one of the most remarkable buildings in Paris. 

Posted 10/24/16

Painting with fire

Enameling and the Cleveland school.

Posted 10/20/16

Sculpting Joy: Experiencing the artist and his art at the Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation

In the entranceway to the Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation, located in a town house in historic Greenwich Village, two sculptures by Chaim Gross welcome visitors to the place where he worked and lived. Together, they announce the hallmarks of his art.