Posted 10/14/16

Case History: Lost and found

How a tsunami-tossed pair of sacred Japanese artifacts found their way across the Pacific and back home again.

Posted 09/23/16

That was another country

Precisely because photography is thought to be the most objective of all mediums, it acquires over the course of years, and seemingly in spite of itself, a haunted quality that no other product of visual culture can claim to the same degree.

Posted 09/16/16

Treasury Notes

With a boost from Broadway, the caretakers of Hamilton Grange cast new light on the charms of Alexander Hamilton's once bucolic home.

Posted 09/06/16

Idle Hours: William Merritt Chase and modern leisure

"Idleness opens up for any one who has eyes to see and a mind to dream a playground of infinite variety," wrote novelist Arthur Pier in 1904 for the magazine Atlantic Monthly.1 William Merritt Chase had eyes to see the liberating benefits of idleness, and he found motifs of infinite variety in America's playgrounds. 

Posted 08/23/16

The Real American Grotesque

A group of circus posters at the Shelburne Museum illustrates the routine stereotypes and exploitative practices of circus owners as they battled one another for primacy.

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