Posted 10/10/12

Amistad and after: Hale Woodruff's Talladega murals

Considered one of Woodruff's most important accomplishments, the murals are as significant historically as they are artistically.

Posted 09/06/12

Winslow Homer's The Life Line: A Narrative of gender and modernity

Bringing a suspenseful story of danger and heroic rescue to an audience that never seems to tire of courageous knights and fainting maidens, Winslow Homer's "The Life Line" has been popular since the day it was completed in 1884.

Posted 09/04/12

Right place, right time: The Grigson-Didier house in New Orleans

To understand the world of James Donald Didier you should pay attention to his silence. This is a man who sees history; too much talk and too many questions will only extinguish what the eye should behold and the spirit feel.

Posted 09/04/12

Mastering the old masters: Paul Cadmus

Cadmus does not fit easily into the conventional rubrics of modern art, since he was part vanguardist and part traditionalist.

Posted 09/04/12

Beyond moonlight and magnolias

"We would have lost so much in the way of regional history and artifacts had MESDA not undertaken this project when it did."

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