Posted 03/12/12

Teamwork in Piedmont, North Carolina

Dr. Thomas H. Sears Jr. and his wife, Sara, are well known in Piedmont, North Carolina, as a couple who are serious about historic preservation and collecting. Over the past forty-five years, their commitment to one another and their shared goals have enabled them to assemble one of North Carolina's finest collections of southern antiques, preserve one of the area's most significant paint-decorated interiors, and construct a warm, inviting home that showcases both.

Posted 02/05/12

Miniature discoveries

The recent appearance of two portrait miniatures leads to new information about back­country South Carolina artist Isaac Brownfield Alexander.

Posted 02/05/12

The Bixby House

Largely unheralded, this Kansas City masterwork of modernism deserves its place in the pantheon of great American houses.

Posted 02/05/12

On Southern Turf

For Mary and Hank Brockman the proper preservation of the South's material culture includes art, architecture, artifacts and the landscape.  

Posted 01/01/12

Hudson River Classics: Edgewater and Richard Hampton Jenrette

Jenrette-who in 1993 established the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust to promote six historic properties between New York and Saint Croix that he restored and opened to the public-even h

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