Posted 09/24/09

The present learns from the past

September 2009 | During an unseasonably warm and sunny weekend last March, the Shelburne Museum and The Magazine ANTIQUES collaborated to give eight contemporary fine and decorative artists a close look at Electra Havemeyer Webb's masterwork, to see how it resonates with the creative mind today.

Posted 08/10/09

Folk art: Modern design's secret pleasure

August 2009 | Many of the greatest figures in modernist design and architecture were deeply engaged with folk art, on levels ranging from the respectful and intellectual to the avidly celebratory.

Posted 08/10/09

Low key, high impact: The collection of Tim and Pam Hill

August 2009 | Their collection of folk art walking sticks has led Tim and Pam Hill to a view of art that erases distinctions between high and low, traditional and contemporary. 

Posted 08/10/09

Trench Art of the Great War

August 2009 | During World War I the popular French magazine Le Pays de France sponsored a series of competitions for the best art pieces created by French soldiers. The magazine called these objects l’artisanat des tranchées.

Posted 08/10/09

Utility, artistry, and soul: The collection of Allan and Penny Katz

August 2009 | The qualities that dealers Allan and Penny Katz admire in sculptural folk art are evident in their collection and in their lives. 

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