Posted 01/01/12

Hudson River Classics: Edgewater and Richard Hampton Jenrette

Jenrette-who in 1993 established the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust to promote six historic properties between New York and Saint Croix that he restored and opened to the public-even h

Posted 01/01/12

The Unknown Jewelry of Marie Zimmerman

Inspired by the archaeological discoveries of the early twentieth century, Marie Zimmermann created extraordinary, and previously unstudied, jewelry in Egyptian and other revival styles.  

Posted 12/04/11

Rose Fever: The paintings of George Cochran Lambdin

After his death in 1896 George Cochran Lambdin was remembered by friends and me­morialists alike for his paintings of roses.

Posted 12/04/11

Struggles many and great: James P. Ball, Robert Duncanson, and other artists of color in antebellum Cinncinati

In 1854 Gleason's Pictorial, the popular, nationally circulated magazine out of Boston, published an article promoting the lavish "Daguerrian Gallery" es­tablished in Cincinnati by James P. Ball (Fig. 6), lauding his im­ages as "unsurpassed by any in the Union."1 In fact, Ball's Gallery (see Figs. 2, 4) was not so un­usual.<

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