Posted 07/17/09

Living with antiques: The Juan Jose Prada house

July 2009 | Santa Fe is known for its earthy elegance and a carefully tended exoticism. Few people have contributed more visibly to its artistic ambience in recent decades than Nedra Matteucci and her husband, Richard. Photography by Tony Bonanno.

Posted 07/17/09

The art of the missions of northern New Spain

July 2009 | To sustain them on their lengthy, rigorous, and potentially dangerous journeys, many missionaries brought works of art with them are now the states of Durango,

Posted 07/16/09

Creating the West in art

July 2009 | For about two generations now, a group of American museums has been exploring the nature and significance of western art. It was exactly fifty years ago that the Whitney Gallery of Western Art (sister institution to New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art) was founded with that charge as its mission.

Posted 07/16/09

History in towns: Another Las Vegas, this one in New Mexico

July 2009 | How much history lies half-buried beneath the surface of the America we have made? Photography by Jack Parsons.

Posted 06/24/09

New European museums and permanent displays

June 2009 | Important new museums in Amsterdam, Athens, and Berlin; substantial new presentations of permanent collections in London and Prague; a reopening in Oxford; and renovations in Venice notably open their doors to the public this year

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