Posted 08/12/14

Flagrant Delights

Within a larger collection of folk art, a group of erotica raises seldom-addressed questions about vernacular expressions of physical joy

Posted 07/21/14

House of the spirits

Several centuries of regional art and architecture come together in Santa Fe's Roque Lobato house 

Posted 07/21/14

Breaking ground: British folk art at the Tate

A millennium overdue, the first ever exhibition of British folk art arrives at Tate Britain 

Posted 05/20/14

Touching nature

Like British poets, British artists have long been inspired by their native flora and fauna. An exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art displays the many shapes this inspiration has taken and continues to take 

Posted 05/10/14

Crossing borders, ignoring boundaries

Three contemporary American artists offer their views on the influence of art and art­ists in the American Folk Art Museum's pathbreaking Self-Taught Genius show, now open

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