Posted 03/05/09

Red, white, and Tiffany blue

March 2009 | The White House may be the most redecorated residence in the country, but none of its many incarnations can compare with the opulent 1882 makeover President Chester Alan Arthur commissioned from Louis Comfort Tiffany. A new series of oil paintings, published here for the first time, recaptures the brilliance of those vanished rooms.

Posted 03/05/09

Wedgwood in the nineteenth century

March 2009 | The years following the death of Josiah Wedgwood and continuing through the early twentieth century were surprisingly innovative for the company as it sought to maintain or regain its status as the premiere English pottery manufacturer.

Posted 02/17/09

Master drawings from the collection of Horace Wood Brock

February 2009 | A spectacular group of European decorative arts, drawings, and paintings from the collection of Horace Wood Brock is the subject of a major new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Posted 02/17/09

The lure of provenance

February 2009 | The much celebrated collections of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé to be sold this month in Paris is almost as notable for its roster of previous owners as for the objects themselves.

Posted 02/17/09

America in 3 by 5

February 2009 | The great photographer, Walker Evans, began collecting picture postcards as a boy, years before he ever snapped his first picture. Throughout his life he celebrated them, wrote about them, experimented with the format, and continued to collect them.

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