Posted 07/01/10

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

An exhibition of sculpture, ceramics, painting, photography, and architecture by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein at the American Folk Art Museum is the occasion to consider one of our most compelling and unexpected artists

Posted 06/09/10

Thomas Spencer

A newly discovered Rhode Island cabinetmaker: Thomas Spencer of East Greenwich.

Posted 06/09/10

Shearer Energy

A collection in Winchester, Virginia, reflects a quest to return the work of a local craftsman to its native soil.

Posted 05/01/10

One House Two Worlds

Scholarship, connoisseurship, and comfort characterize the fine eighteenth-century furniture and mid-century modern classics that occupy separate realms in this Maryland town house.

Posted 05/01/10

Saarinen Womb Chair

Saarinen’s Womb chair and the mainstreaming of American modernism.

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