Posted 04/09/09

Living with antiques: Shaker

A family follows the Shaker spirit in assembling a collection of furniture

Posted 04/09/09

Indiana Modern

April 2009 | The fate of the landmark Miller House in Columbus, Indiana, a legendary collaboration of three mid-century American masters—Eero Saarinen, Alexander Girard, and Dan Kiley—hangs in the balance as the Indianapolis Museum of Art campaigns to preserve this unsurpassed synthesis of high modernist design.

Posted 04/09/09

John Hardman and Company: Pugin's glasspainters

April 2009 | Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin and John Hardman Jr. figured prominently in the Gothic revival movement in the United States, even though neither of them ever set foot on American soil

Posted 04/09/09

Portrait miniatures in the New Republic

April 2009 | In the decades since the 1740s American portrait miniatures had changed little. They were small, dark, and resembled provincial British works, which, indeed, they were.

Posted 04/09/09

History in towns: Madison, Georgia

April 2009 | The town of Madison, in Morgan County, Georgia, was lauded in 1849 by the historian George White (1802-1887). "There are as many well educated gentlemen and ladies in Madison as in any portion of the State," he wrote. "Many of the citizens are wealthy, and live in much style..."

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