Posted 10/23/09

Chicago and the arts and crafts movement

October 2009 | During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Chicago stood at the crossroads of the handcrafted and the machine-made, aspects that came to define the American arts and crafts movement.

Posted 10/23/09

Gauguin rising

October 2009 | The bold, but mostly forgotten, Volpini exhibition at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1889 has been re-created in the Cleveland Museum of Art's Paul Gauguin: Paris 1889, where it emerges as a turning point in the history of modern art.

Posted 10/23/09

Timeless Tudor: Bradley Court in Gloucestershire

October 2009 | The calm rooms of a sixteenth-century manor house reflect several generations of collectors. Photography by Nic Barlow.

Posted 09/24/09

An appreciation of Henry Ossawa Tanner

September 2009 | Within nine years of moving abroad, Henry Ossawa Tanner, America's first major African American artist, had become an international success.

Posted 09/24/09

Eyre Hall on Virginia's Eastern Shore

September 2009 | Photography by Langdon Clay | "Eyre Hall...all through its venerable existence but another name for everything elegant, graceful and delightful in Old Virginia life."

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