Posted 02/03/09

The 'It' chair

January 2009 | The legendary decorator Frances Elkins made it popular in the 1930s, but her so-called loop chair, which is having another moment in the sun, goes back to the eighteenth century as a surviving set of examples attests

Posted 02/03/09

Seeing through modernism at Corning

January 2009 | From Europe to the United States, the full sweep of the modern movement in design is captured in glass at the Corning Museum.

Posted 02/03/09

Anna Katharine Green and Charles Rohlfs: Artistic collaborators

December 2008 | For the furniture designer Charles Rohlfs and his wife, Anna Katharine Green, the intermeshing of theater and literature, design and the home, and art and life was the defining characteristic of their marriage.

Posted 02/03/09

Seattle goes boom: The Seattle Art Museum becomes a mecca for American art

November 2009 | The developing American art collection at the Seattle Art Museum is truly a reflection of place.

Posted 02/03/09

A Sense of Place: American art and the Seattle Art Museum

November 2009 | When and where the Seattle Art Museum was founded greatly shaped its collecting of American art—far from the art centers of the East Coast and comparatively late in this slowly developing city on the Pacific Northwest frontier.

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