Posted 09/24/09

Eyre Hall on Virginia's Eastern Shore

September 2009 | Photography by Langdon Clay | "Eyre Hall...all through its venerable existence but another name for everything elegant, graceful and delightful in Old Virginia life."

Posted 09/24/09

Margrieta van Varick's East Indian goods

September 2009 | At the time of her death in 1695 in the bucolic village of Flatbush, New York, the textile merchant Margrieta van Varick owned an astonishing array of exotic goods from around the world.

Posted 09/24/09

The present learns from the past

September 2009 | During an unseasonably warm and sunny weekend last March, the Shelburne Museum and The Magazine ANTIQUES collaborated to give eight contemporary fine and decorative artists a close look at Electra Havemeyer Webb's masterwork, to see how it resonates with the creative mind today.

Posted 08/10/09

Folk art: Modern design's secret pleasure

August 2009 | Many of the greatest figures in modernist design and architecture were deeply engaged with folk art, on levels ranging from the respectful and intellectual to the avidly celebratory.

Posted 08/10/09

Low key, high impact: The collection of Tim and Pam Hill

August 2009 | Their collection of folk art walking sticks has led Tim and Pam Hill to a view of art that erases distinctions between high and low, traditional and contemporary. 

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