Posted 03/13/09

Late Gothic coffers

February 2009 | Utilitarian boxes with devotional woodcuts pasted to the insides of their lids remind us that the secular and the sacred were inseparable in the fifteenth century

Posted 03/05/09

American studio ceramics at mid century

March 2009 | An important private collection gives the ceramists of the studio craft movement the prominence they deserve

Posted 03/05/09

Harbor & Home

March 2009 | That Plymouth and nearby communities on Massachusetts’s South Shore were in the forefront of the antiquarian movement makes it all the more surprising that Harbor and Home: Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts, 1710–1850, an exhibition that opens this month at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware, is the first methodical study of the region’s early furniture.

Posted 03/05/09

Red, white, and Tiffany blue

March 2009 | The White House may be the most redecorated residence in the country, but none of its many incarnations can compare with the opulent 1882 makeover President Chester Alan Arthur commissioned from Louis Comfort Tiffany. A new series of oil paintings, published here for the first time, recaptures the brilliance of those vanished rooms.

Posted 03/05/09

Wedgwood in the nineteenth century

March 2009 | The years following the death of Josiah Wedgwood and continuing through the early twentieth century were surprisingly innovative for the company as it sought to maintain or regain its status as the premiere English pottery manufacturer.

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