Posted 05/08/09

The American Campeche chair

May 2009 | Invented in ancient Rome, the Campeche chair was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson during the American neoclassical period and still serves as a symbol of political power

Posted 05/08/09

The American Wing gets ready to soar

May 2009 | Emerging from a much-needed remake, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s American decorative arts galleries and period rooms shine as never before and reflect their ascendance in the museum’s cultural hierarchy

Posted 04/09/09

Living with antiques: Shaker

A family follows the Shaker spirit in assembling a collection of furniture

Posted 04/09/09

Indiana Modern

April 2009 | The fate of the landmark Miller House in Columbus, Indiana, a legendary collaboration of three mid-century American masters—Eero Saarinen, Alexander Girard, and Dan Kiley—hangs in the balance as the Indianapolis Museum of Art campaigns to preserve this unsurpassed synthesis of high modernist design.

Posted 04/09/09

John Hardman and Company: Pugin's glasspainters

April 2009 | Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin and John Hardman Jr. figured prominently in the Gothic revival movement in the United States, even though neither of them ever set foot on American soil

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