Posted 06/24/09

New European museums and permanent displays

June 2009 | Important new museums in Amsterdam, Athens, and Berlin; substantial new presentations of permanent collections in London and Prague; a reopening in Oxford; and renovations in Venice notably open their doors to the public this year

Posted 06/24/09

The Hudson-Fulton Celebration, 100 years later

June 2009 | A number of exhibitions being mounted across New York State this year commemorate the enduring legacy of the 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration

Posted 05/08/09

Japanned furniture: global objects in provincial America

May 2009 |It reminds us that the provincial society of early America was not so provincial after all. Residents in Boston and the other important colonial ports, such as Salem, Newport, New York, Philadelphia, and Charleston, were all part of a global circulation of goods and people.

Posted 05/08/09

Kem Weber and the rise of modern design in Southern California

May 2009 | Kem Weber and the rise of modern design in Southern California

Posted 05/08/09

The American Campeche chair

May 2009 | Invented in ancient Rome, the Campeche chair was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson during the American neoclassical period and still serves as a symbol of political power

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