Posted 02/03/09

George Harvey's Anglo American atmospheric landscapes

October 2009 | The English-born artist George Harvey is primarily remembered for his spectacular watercolor landscapes, although he was also a painter in oils, a miniaturist, architect, poet, and writer.

Posted 02/03/09

The purists Paul Follot and Maurice Dufrène

October 2009 | Such is Émile Jacques Ruhlmann’s fame that he has cast a long shadow over designers who not only pioneered the style in which he worked, but also, ironically, almost certainly had a decisive influence on his own oeuvre—most notably Maurice Dufrêne (1876–1955) and Paul Follot (1877–1941).

Posted 02/03/09

Gorham's 'white gold' flatware

September 2009 | The great variety of piece types and models notwithstanding, Gorham’s ivory-handled flatware was apparently produced in small quantities, is rare on today’s antiques market, and is not well known. Here we will examine a number of important examples that document Gorham’s production.

Posted 02/03/09

The real Menil

September 2008 | On the one hundredth anniversary of her birth, Dominique de Menil’s Houston house testifies to the sure instincts of a consummate collector.

Posted 02/03/09

Gilbert Rohde: The man who saved Herman Miller

December 2008 | Gilbert Rohde was the most prescient, innovative, and elegant of American modernists.

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