Posted 11/13/09

American artists as they saw themselves

November 2009 | American artists had to grapple with the nature of their role and their identity in society

Posted 11/13/09

Charles Melville Dewey: A forgotten master of classic tonalism

November 2009 | Of all the great disappearing acts in American art history, the tonalist artist Charles Melville Dewey's is one of the most complete and inexplicable.

Posted 11/13/09

James E. Freeman and the painting of sentiment

November 2009 | Thoughout his half-century-long artistic career in the United States and Italy, James E. Freeman specialized in creating paintings of sentiment that sought to cross the boundaries dividing different cultures and social classes.

Posted 11/13/09

Finding beauty, creating harmony: The art of William F. Jackson

November 2009 | William Franklin Jackson was an artist who spent most of his career in an out-of-the-way city that was more concerned with politics and economic development than art.

Posted 10/23/09

Design and reform: the making of the Bauhaus

October 2009 | The first comprehensive American exhibition on the Bauhaus in decades opens at the Museum of Modern Art next month.

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