Posted 01/08/10

Modern sculptors and American folk art

"Do not bore. Do not be obvious." That was the advice given by painter, teacher, and critic Hamilton Easter Field to his students in the Ogunquit School of Paint­ing and Sculpture.

Posted 01/08/10

Pennsylvania style

The rich art and history of Pennsylvania shine forth in a collection of fine Philadelphia furniture, Pennsylvania folk art, American paintings with regional connections, and Chinese export porcelain and other treasures obtained primarily from local dealers. Photography by Gavin Ashworth

Posted 01/08/10

Celebrating the exotic and the ordinary

Historic New England, subject of the loan exhibition at the Winter Antiques Show, captures our attention by preserving grand houses as well as humble objects, allowing us to see the rich interplay between artifacts, documents, memory, and place.

Posted 12/11/09

Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the furniture of John and Hugh Finlay

December 2009 | President James Madison and his wife, Dolley Payne Todd Madison, presided over Wednesday evening gatherings in the French salon tradition that were the highlight of Washington social life.

Posted 12/11/09

At home with Christopher Dresser

December 2009 | When you visit Janet and Lawrence Larose's New York dining room, you are surrounded by hundreds of objects designed by Christopher Dresser. Photography by Paul Rocheleau.

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