Posted 04/02/09

Servitude and Splendor: The craftsmen and carved furniture of the Rappahannock River valley, 1740 to 1780

May 2008 | The craftsmen and the carved furniture of the Rappahannock River valley, 1740–1780    

Posted 04/02/09

The Butterfly Man of New Orleans

May 2008 | Local collectors have come to know the anonymous maker as the “Butterfly Man” for his signature use of the double dovetail—a bowtie-shaped interior patch also known as a butterfly or flying Dutchman—to strengthen the glued panels that comprise the side walls (see Fig. 11).5 This common reinforcement method has not been found on any other armoires made in Louisiana.

Posted 04/02/09

Art Nouveau Jewelry

July 2008 | The jewelry created in France, Belgium, and other parts of Europe by a select group of avant-garde artists at the close of the nineteenth century was revolutionary. It reinvigorated what had become a formulaic naturalism with new forms drawn from outside sources, including the arts and crafts movement in Great Britain and the arts of Japan.

Posted 03/13/09

Late Gothic coffers

February 2009 | Utilitarian boxes with devotional woodcuts pasted to the insides of their lids remind us that the secular and the sacred were inseparable in the fifteenth century

Posted 03/05/09

American studio ceramics at mid century

March 2009 | An important private collection gives the ceramists of the studio craft movement the prominence they deserve

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