Posted 02/02/09

Royal porcelain from the Twinight Collection

September 2008 | Today, Richard Baron Cohen’s Twinight Collection is the largest assemblage in private hands of early nineteenth-century porcelain from the royal manufactories at Sèvres, Berlin, and Vienna, rivaled only, perhaps, by museum collections like that of the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Posted 02/02/09

Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House

August 2008 | When Frank Lloyd Wright designed this Usonian house for Isadore J. and Lucille Zimmerman in 1950, nine out of ten new houses built were ranch style. The Zimmerman House was an upscale cousin to the ranch; now it is estranged.

Posted 02/02/09

John Hewson and the French connection

August 2008 | In his quest to compete with imported fabrics, John Hewson found innovative ways to fulfill Philadelphians' demands for the taste of France, China, and India in their interiors.

Posted 11/01/06

Double take: A closer look at American bronze sculpture

 When skillfully employed, this simple alloy of copper and tin (sometimes with small additions of zinc or lead) will replicate a three-dimensional model with such exactness that details as subtle as the artist's fingerprints can be reproduced. 

Posted 10/01/06

A monument to Antoine Louis Barye

In June 18, 1894, a crowd gathered in the small park on the southeastern tip of the Île Saint-Louis in Paris to dedicate a monument to Antoine Louis Barye, the French sculptor and painter who popularized the art of the animalier in both France and abroad. 

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