Posted 10/23/09

Gauguin rising

October 2009 | The bold, but mostly forgotten, Volpini exhibition at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1889 has been re-created in the Cleveland Museum of Art's Paul Gauguin: Paris 1889, where it emerges as a turning point in the history of modern art.

Posted 10/23/09

Timeless Tudor: Bradley Court in Gloucestershire

October 2009 | The calm rooms of a sixteenth-century manor house reflect several generations of collectors. Photography by Nic Barlow.

Posted 09/24/09

An appreciation of Henry Ossawa Tanner

September 2009 | Within nine years of moving abroad, Henry Ossawa Tanner, America's first major African American artist, had become an international success.

Posted 09/24/09

Eyre Hall on Virginia's Eastern Shore

September 2009 | Photography by Langdon Clay | "Eyre Hall...all through its venerable existence but another name for everything elegant, graceful and delightful in Old Virginia life."

Posted 09/24/09

Margrieta van Varick's East Indian goods

September 2009 | At the time of her death in 1695 in the bucolic village of Flatbush, New York, the textile merchant Margrieta van Varick owned an astonishing array of exotic goods from around the world.

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