Posted 02/03/09

A Sense of Place: American art and the Seattle Art Museum

November 2009 | When and where the Seattle Art Museum was founded greatly shaped its collecting of American art—far from the art centers of the East Coast and comparatively late in this slowly developing city on the Pacific Northwest frontier.

Posted 02/03/09

George Harvey's Anglo American atmospheric landscapes

October 2009 | The English-born artist George Harvey is primarily remembered for his spectacular watercolor landscapes, although he was also a painter in oils, a miniaturist, architect, poet, and writer.

Posted 02/03/09

The purists Paul Follot and Maurice Dufrène

October 2009 | Such is Émile Jacques Ruhlmann’s fame that he has cast a long shadow over designers who not only pioneered the style in which he worked, but also, ironically, almost certainly had a decisive influence on his own oeuvre—most notably Maurice Dufrêne (1876–1955) and Paul Follot (1877–1941).

Posted 02/03/09

Gorham's 'white gold' flatware

September 2009 | The great variety of piece types and models notwithstanding, Gorham’s ivory-handled flatware was apparently produced in small quantities, is rare on today’s antiques market, and is not well known. Here we will examine a number of important examples that document Gorham’s production.

Posted 02/03/09

The real Menil

September 2008 | On the one hundredth anniversary of her birth, Dominique de Menil’s Houston house testifies to the sure instincts of a consummate collector.

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