Posted 08/10/09

Low key, high impact: The collection of Tim and Pam Hill

August 2009 | Their collection of folk art walking sticks has led Tim and Pam Hill to a view of art that erases distinctions between high and low, traditional and contemporary. 

Posted 08/10/09

Trench Art of the Great War

August 2009 | During World War I the popular French magazine Le Pays de France sponsored a series of competitions for the best art pieces created by French soldiers. The magazine called these objects l’artisanat des tranchées.

Posted 08/10/09

Utility, artistry, and soul: The collection of Allan and Penny Katz

August 2009 | The qualities that dealers Allan and Penny Katz admire in sculptural folk art are evident in their collection and in their lives. 

Posted 07/17/09

Living with antiques: The Juan Jose Prada house

July 2009 | Santa Fe is known for its earthy elegance and a carefully tended exoticism. Few people have contributed more visibly to its artistic ambience in recent decades than Nedra Matteucci and her husband, Richard. Photography by Tony Bonanno.

Posted 07/17/09

The art of the missions of northern New Spain

July 2009 | To sustain them on their lengthy, rigorous, and potentially dangerous journeys, many missionaries brought works of art with them are now the states of Durango,

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