Posted 03/01/10

Victoria and Albert Art and Love

A new exhibition of the paintings, decorative arts, architecture, and decor acquired and assembled by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert speaks eloquently of the mutual passion and shared tastes of a lively young couple.

Posted 03/01/10

Color in a Higher Key: John La Farge

What John La Farge sought in the South Seas in 1890 and what he actually found there is the subject of an exhibition of his sketches, oils, and watercolors of the sojourn on view at the Yale University Art Gallery.

Posted 01/08/10

European elegance in San Francisco

One of California's finest collections of eighteenth-century English and European decorative arts is to be found in San Francisco in a large Queen Anne revival house in Pacific Heights. Photography by Aya Brackett

Posted 01/08/10

Modern sculptors and American folk art

"Do not bore. Do not be obvious." That was the advice given by painter, teacher, and critic Hamilton Easter Field to his students in the Ogunquit School of Paint­ing and Sculpture.

Posted 01/08/10

Pennsylvania style

The rich art and history of Pennsylvania shine forth in a collection of fine Philadelphia furniture, Pennsylvania folk art, American paintings with regional connections, and Chinese export porcelain and other treasures obtained primarily from local dealers. Photography by Gavin Ashworth

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