Posted 02/04/09

Showmanship and fantasy: the designs of James Mont

July 2008 | From the early 1930s and into the 1960s, Mont was one of the most prominent designers and decorators on the East Coast. His forte was creating furniture that offered a stylish and dramatic, yet modern, take on historical forms and details.

Posted 02/04/09

Bold, bright, and underappreciated: British furniture at mid-century

June 2008 | A review of British design archives and of the wares for sale by vintage design dealers in London and elsewhere, however, suggests that a disdain for mid-century British furnishings is misplaced.

Posted 02/03/09

The baptism of Pocahontas

January 2009 | The legend of Pocahontas is a thread inextricably woven into our country's history. Her image has adorned everything from oil paintings to cans of chewing tobacco and is found no less than three times in the Rotunda of the nation's Capitol.

Posted 02/03/09

The 'It' chair

January 2009 | The legendary decorator Frances Elkins made it popular in the 1930s, but her so-called loop chair, which is having another moment in the sun, goes back to the eighteenth century as a surviving set of examples attests

Posted 02/03/09

Seeing through modernism at Corning

January 2009 | From Europe to the United States, the full sweep of the modern movement in design is captured in glass at the Corning Museum.

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