Posted 04/21/15

Current and coming: Rivera and Kahlo in Detroit

To celebrate its rebirth as an independent museum after the city's brush with bankruptcy, the Detroit Institute of Arts is mounting Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit

Posted 04/13/15

The jeweled watches of Henry Blank and Company of Newark

Like most nineteenth- and early twentieth-century jewelry manufacturers in Newark, New Jersey, Henry Blank and Company until recently had been long forgotten. However, it was one of the largest and most successful Newark firms from the 1890s until well after World War II

Posted 04/01/15

Inside New York: The City's landmarked interiors

More than just a display of handsome pictures, Rescued, Restored, Reimagined: New York's Landmark Interiors, an exhibition at the New York School of Interior Design (to April 24), tells the stories behind a variety of landmark interiors that have been preserved throughout the city

Posted 04/01/15

War, politics, and the diaspora of Irish art and design

When The Magazine ANTIQUES started publication in January 1922, it coincided with the end of the War of Independence between Ireland and Great Britain and the beginning of a self-inflicted and even more brutal Civil War among opposing factions of the Irish Republican Army. Although Antiques's mandate was to whet its readership's appetite for the past, its authors frequently found they could not avoid alluding to the "Troubles" in Ireland

Posted 03/31/15

Seventeenth-century French enameled watches in the Walters Art Gallery

In his book Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers, F. J. Britten notes that "watches with enamel painting before 1640 are exceedingly rare, and there is a marked difference in the character of such decorative work executed at the beginning, compared with that done during the later years of the seventeenth century." This article was originally published in the December 1963 issue of ANTIQUES. 

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