Posted 09/24/14

The democratization of glamour

The Mu­seum of Fine Arts, Boston's glittering exhibition Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen documents this shift in American style and stylishness in the 1930s and 1940s

Posted 09/24/14

Lost (and found) illusions

Inspired by the visual pleasures of letter-rack paintings, a master carver creates his own versions in three dimensions

Posted 09/10/14

Uncommon women and the art of the common man

The role of women in the discovery, promotion, and collecting of American folk art

Posted 08/12/14

A Fruitful Exchange

The emergence of Native American floral beadwork, one of the rare benefits of contact with Euro-Americans, is displayed at the Autry National Center, where contemporary examples indicate the tradition's rich survival 

Posted 08/12/14

Flagrant Delights

Within a larger collection of folk art, a group of erotica raises seldom-addressed questions about vernacular expressions of physical joy

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