Posted 01/09/14

Wild at heart: Rediscovering the sculpture of Anna Hyatt Huntington

Her reputation has suffered from ordinary problems: she was American, a woman, and her style was realistic. It has also suffered from an unusual problem: too much success 

Posted 01/09/14

Living history: A New England couple reanimates the past

With deep ties to the Connecticut River Valley, the couple who gathered these treasures has fashioned a spirited account of their own history and that of a region they call home

Posted 01/09/14

Glackens and Whistler: A young man's attraction

Glackens's early emulation of Whistler's subject matter and techniques aided him in realizing his own means of expression 

Posted 11/13/13

Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds

A world-class collection of European and American water-inspired paintings has come together on the banks of the Mississippi at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona 

Posted 11/12/13

How the West was seen

The High Museum in Atlanta and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West stage a pathbreaking exhibition of western art

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