Posted 07/14/15

Black dolls

Margo Jefferson | Miniature trains and boats; animals and picture books; balls that bounce and tops that spin: these toys belong to non-human worlds. Dolls are the only toys made in our image, the only human-like creatures children are given dominion over

Posted 07/01/15

A charmed life

English inspiration, American creativity, and a bit of historical luck are joined in the author’s house and gardens

Posted 07/01/15

Gray matters

Recent films, exhibitions, and books re-establish Eileen Gray's reputation and start to set the record straight

Posted 05/26/15

The gold dust twins: Thomas Hart Benton, Walt Disney, and the mining of frontier mythology

In March 1946 Thomas Hart Benton and Walt Disney took a meeting, as Hollywood would have it, just as Disney Studios was beginning to consider a project giving new life to an old hero, Davy Crockett. On the drawing board, to which Benton was invited to lend his hand, was a movie conceived as an animated folk operetta. You can picture Benton and Disney in an executive conference room bursting with creative talent—not unlike the smoke-fi‰lled atmospherics at 20th Century-Fox that Benton had sketched during his ‰first trip to Hollywood

Posted 05/26/15

Wonder and menace, dreams and nightmares: Visions of Coney Island

An extraordinary array of artists have perceived Coney Island as a prism through which to view the American experience. Their visions have imagined the future and recalled the past; they have conveyed shifting ideas about leisure, and explored issues of race, ethnicity, and class. What artists saw at Coney Island, known as America’s Playground, from 1861 to 2008, and how they chose to depict it has varied widely in style and mood, mirroring the aspirations and disappointments of their times

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