Posted 03/10/14

Art and industry

An enterprising Pennsylvania couple refurbishes an arts and crafts house, the setting for their growing collection of American art and design 

Posted 01/24/14

Audubon's birds, Audubon's words

It was not his first language, but Audubon's English delivers the artist's pungent, intimate, and indispensible descriptions of his art 

Posted 01/23/14

The unfashionable delights of Raoul Dufy

The joy Dufy depicts is at once vitally contemporary and infinitely ancient and that paradox is played out in the formal terms of his art

Posted 01/09/14

Saying the V-word

Posted 01/09/14

Talking past and present

5 artists, 8 curators, 2 editors at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts 

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