Posted 12/12/14

Thomas Cole's Hat

or What is it to be an artist?

Posted 12/12/14

In praise of ornament

Although her work will be familiar to many, the once famous mosaicist, muralist, and sculptor Hildreth Meière has been unjustly forgotten along with the glories of architectural adornment

Posted 11/26/14

The Natural: Bill Rauhauser

From his earliest scenes of Detroit in the 1950s Bill Rauhauser was a poet of the streets

Posted 11/26/14

George Caleb Bingham: A landscape discovery

Rocky Mountains dates to about 1872, when Bingham returned to landscape painting after abandoning the genre for most of the previous decade

Posted 11/13/14

How southern is it?

With one thousand works inspired by the American South, the Johnson Collection of Spartanburg, South Carolina, has staged a quiet art historical revolution. Through exhibitions, loans, publications, and institutional partnerships the collec­tion has redefined, elevated, and greatly expanded the meaning of regional 

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