Posted 09/09/13

Eminent Victorians

John Whitenight and Fred LaValley re-create (and improve upon) the nineteenth century's passion for natural history, craftsmanship, and design in their Philadelphia town house

Posted 08/20/13

Subject and object: The collection of Philip Pearlstein

Decoys, weathervanes, whirligigs, and other folk ephemera animate his loft  and move in and out of his paintings

Posted 08/20/13

Four Seasons at Shelburne

In August 18 the Shelburne Museum will open its new Pizzagalli Center for Art and Education and embark on a year-round schedule for the first time in its sixty-six-year history     

Posted 07/31/13

The game is a foot

The game board collection of Bruce and Doranna Wendel

Posted 07/31/13

Pas Banal: A collection of folk, self-taught, and outsider art

Monty Blanchard, president of the American Folk Art Museum, and Leslie Tcheyan radiate enthusiasm for everything of quality in folk, self-taught, and outsider art

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