Posted 05/06/13

Maine destination

"I really got a sense of what was going on. What impressed me most, truthfully, was the passionate engagement of students and professors. The mu­seum's director at the time, Hugh J. Gourley III, drew us all in. He had an eye for art and a talent for developing friendships," Paula Lunder says.

Posted 05/06/13

Freedom and the abstract truth

The story of Marica and Jan Vilcek is the story of one couple's long pilgrimage into the cultural heart of this country. It begins during the mid-1960s in the wake of the Kennedy assassina­tion and just when the most volatile decade of the American century was coming to a boil. In some ways it is the story of the survival of the American dream in those years, but it is significantly more than that.

Posted 04/03/13

Georges Hoentschel and his world

Although his name may be forgotten, the French collector, decorator, and ceramist has had a lasting influence on American taste

Posted 03/27/13

Rediscovering an art star

Although Anders Zorn has been largely forgotten by the general public, at the turn of the last century he was one of the most famous artists in the world.

Posted 03/27/13

Many paths to modernity

The euphoria of independence coupled with the horrors of Partition added a new layer of complexity to a society already wrestling with the effects of colonialism and modernization

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