Posted 05/30/13

American vernacular rococo

A long and winding S-curve: American vernacular rococo in the southern backcountry

Posted 05/30/13

Collecting American samplers in Southern California

Good fortune/Good timing: The felicitous and sometimes unexpected manner in which collections develop, as seen in four remarkable Los Angeles-based collections of American needlework.  

Posted 05/30/13

A long time gone: Art, the Kennedy years, and the Hotel Texas

On the eve of President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy's visit to Dallas in 1963 a group of Fort Worth collectors gathered sixteen mas­terworks of European and American art and installed them in the presidential suite in the Hotel Texas.

Posted 05/08/13

The last dynasty

At some point during the 1800s, when nobody was looking, an institution passed away that for centuries had been a fixture of the visual arts: the artis­tic dynasty, the family of painters who, across several generations, maintained a consistent aesthetic profile.

Posted 05/06/13

Maine destination

"I really got a sense of what was going on. What impressed me most, truthfully, was the passionate engagement of students and professors. The mu­seum's director at the time, Hugh J. Gourley III, drew us all in. He had an eye for art and a talent for developing friendships," Paula Lunder says.

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