Posted 07/31/13

Discoveries in Self Expression

Twenty-four surviving rugs from the Maine Sea Coast Mission Hooked Rug project shed light on a little known experiment in community and artistry

Posted 07/31/13

The Virginia Dulcimer

Though gentler in tone than the banjo and fiddle, the dulcimer stands alongside those instruments as an icon of our nation's musical heritage, especially the traditional music of the Appalachian Mountains.

Posted 06/18/13

The price of chocolate

A cup and saucer open a window into the complicated history of life at Philipsburg Manor 

Posted 05/30/13

American vernacular rococo

A long and winding S-curve: American vernacular rococo in the southern backcountry

Posted 05/30/13

Collecting American samplers in Southern California

Good fortune/Good timing: The felicitous and sometimes unexpected manner in which collections develop, as seen in four remarkable Los Angeles-based collections of American needlework.  

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