Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman House

1 Historic Structure Report for the Isadore J. and Lucille Zimmerman House, ed. Carla Lind (Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire, 1989), p. 30.
2 Quoted in Neil Levine, Hetty Startup, and Kurt J. Sundstrom, A Work of Art for Kindred Spirits: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Zimmerman House (Currier Museum of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire, 2004), p. 9.

HOWARD MANSFIELD is the author of several books about preservation including In the Memory House and The Same Ax, Twice.

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by Émile Jacques Ruhlmann (1879-1933), 1926. Macassar ebony, amaranth, and ivory. Metropolitan Museum of Art. By Cynthia Drayton

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