Living with antiques: The Juan Jose Prada house

1 I am indebted to Elaine Bergman, executive director, Historic Santa Fe Foundation, for supplying information on the history of the Juan José Prada house. Especially helpful was Mimi B. Voegelin’s detailed study of the house, “The Juan José Prada House: A Private Residence at 519 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico,” in Museum of New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies, Archaeology Notes, no. 13 (1990). 

2 Margretta Stewart Dietrich, excerpts from New Mexico Recollections, Part II, ed. Sylvia Loomis (Vergara Print Company, Santa Fe, 1961), n. p., Prada House file, Historic Santa Fe Foundation, Santa Fe. 

3 Ibid. 

4 Prior to the arrival of Dietrich and Stewart, several families sometimes lived on the property, and the rights of ingress and egress through these doors were spelled out clearly in legal documents. See Voegelin, “The Juan José Prada House,” p. 6. 

5 Ibid., pp. 19–26.

Laura Beach writes extensively about antiques.

by Émile Jacques Ruhlmann (1879-1933), 1926. Macassar ebony, amaranth, and ivory. Metropolitan Museum of Art. By Cynthia Drayton

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