Cotton Textile

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Cotton Textile

[Compiled by Bill Stern, Executive Director at the Museum of California Design, Los Angeles.

Originally published in "Curator's Eye" in Modern Magazine, Winter 2013.]


Cotton textile, Barney M. Reid (1913-1922), Geodetic, 1951.


In the 1950s San Diego’s new population included enough consumers who appreciated well-designed products to support Allied Craftsmen,a group of talented designers and craftspeople. Among them was the prolific Barney M. Read. Reid grew up near Yuma, Arizona, and was educated at Iowa State University and Arizona State University. Reid was perhaps the only one of the San Diego craftsmen to put some of his designs into commercial production.



About 1950 he established ReidArt, which printed his designs on cotton textiles in a spacious building at the Convair aircraft company. But just as ReidArt was gaining recognition the building was needed for Korean War airplane production. Reid was unable to find another suitably large venue and ReidArt had to close.



Barney M. Reid worked in numerous mediums, including printed textiles, enamels, ceramics, graphic design, and lithography.



The textiles were intended for use as curtains, upholstery, and other household and office purposes.


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