COVER: Detail of The Joy of Life designed by Joseph Urban and painted by Lillian Gaertner, 1927. Collection of Richard H. Driehaus, Chicago

Editor’s letter

Critical thinking / Difficult issues

And that’s the way it isn’t
Glenn Adamson

Current and coming

On provenance

Tastemaker Mabel Dodge Luhan
and her rediscovered treasures
Laura Beach

Museum visit

Pocket-size punch: Minutely scaled sculpture at the Met
Barrymore Laurence Scherer


Sammy Dalati


Eleanor H. Gustafson



Presidential appointments

Andrew Jackson and three Philadelphia cabinetmakers
Carswell Rush Berlin

Women and watercolor

How a medium changed the fortunes of female artists in America
Kathleen A. Foster

A Philadelphia flaneur

Take a stroll with our former editor in chief
Elizabeth Pochoda

“My native continent”

Maine’s influence on the art of Marsden Hartley
Donna M. Cassidy, Elizabeth Finch, and Randall R. Griffey

Kindred spirits

A tribute to family-owned art and antiques galleries

Melting pot modern

Creating an Americanstyle in the 1920s
Sarah D. Coffin

Mad scientist

The strange, protean artistry of Eugen Gabritschevsky
Kent Mitchell Minturn

Shattering effect

A new exhibition celebrates the New York Crystal Palace and the World’s Fair of 1853
James Gardner