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ADA Award profile: Brock Jobe

April 25, 2014  |  Some people have the good fortune to find a unique path that leads to discovery and is enriched by sharing. For them life can be an endless adventure, laced with exploration and learning, younger people to mentor, and a broadening circle of those who share their interests and become close friends. Brock Jobe, this year's recipient of the ADA Award of Merit, is one of those people

A love of New England furniture and an endless appetite for learning have been central to Brock Jobe's career. His work has ranged from regional furniture studies, building collections, organizing exhibitions, and writing and editing to masterminding the recent eleven-museum collaboration titled Four Centuries of Massachusetts Furniture. He has been heard to say "I live and breathe furniture," and he is never happier than when crawling under a piece to study the details of its construction and feel its history.

When Brock was a first year student at Winterthur, the leg­endary Charles Montgomery retu…» More

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[Compiled by Bill Stern, Executive Director at the Museum of California Design, Los Angeles. Originally published in "Curator's Eye" in Modern Magazi

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