| By Nick Olsen

Inspired by antiques: Homeric style tea service by Elkington

May 21, 2009  |  As an interior decorator and style blogger, I've been asked to write a column that takes inspiration from antiques and makes connections to current trends—as we all know, styles in furniture and the decorative arts tend to repeat themselves! Today, the elements of design found in the most exquisite antiques take form in new and often unexpected ways—from designer pieces to decorating bargains.

This week a very unusual tea service caught my eye, which will be auctioned at Christie's New York tomorrow (May 22)—a three-piece set dating to 1866 made by the well-known English firm of Frederick Elkington in the Homeric style. Each piece (including the accompanying teaspoon and sugar tongs) is entirely decorated with Hellenic motifs, including Greek key and anthemion decoration, portrait medallions, and Greek characters.  This tea service perfectly captures the sensibility of late-19th century pastiche-marrying traditional Chinese ceramic forms with Classical motifs-and layering the …» More

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