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Valentine's Day by the numbers

February 14, 2014  |  We have published 92 February covers since 1922, and at least fourteen of them contain allusions to Valentine's Day.


Some figures

8:  Love birds (four pairs) 1934, 1954, 1956, 1960

7:  Courting couples  1930, 1937, 1953, 1961, 1968, 1994, 2002

6:  The number of times Valentine's Day graced the cover between 1951 and 1961. (The 1930s had four such covers, while the longest space between amorous references was between 1972 and 1994.)

5:  Pink covers 1937, 1956, 1960, 1961, 1972

5:  Appearances by Cupid (putti brethren not included) 1934, 1953, 1956, 1972, 1995

4:  Miscellaneious winged creatures 1961, 1994

1:  Possible breakup cover 2002

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Charles Marville, Photographer of Paris

January 30, 2014  |  In the mid-nineteenth century Baron Haussmann's famous transformation of Paris into the city of wide boulevards and parks that we now know erased a me­dieval Paris of narrow streets and congested neighborhoods. This older Paris was captured by the photographer Charles Marville just be­fore its demolition. Marville also photographed the new Paris as well as doing cloud studies and other experi­ments with the camera. In this extensive exhibition of this contemporary of Nadar, the museum will account for Marville's life and the full range of his work.

Charles Marville, Photographer of Paris • January 29 to May 4

Arts et Métiers (Ancien Modèle) by Charles Marville (1813-1879), 1864. Albumen silver print from glass negative. Metropolitan Museum of Art. 





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Exhibition openings through February 16

January 24, 2014  |  Bamboo Yards, Kyobashi Bridge from the series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo by Utagawa Hiroshige I (1797-1858), 1857. Woodblock print. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 

Exhibition openings

January 28

"Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes from the Hill Collection"; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

"Stories in Sterling; Four Centuries of Silver in New York"; Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Palm Beam, FL

January 29

"Charles Marville, Photographer of Paris"; Metropolitan Museumof Art, New York City

January 30

"Fine Lines: American Drawings from the Brooklyn Museum"; Portland Museumof Art, ME

"Rugs in the Caucasus"; Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, Athens

January 31

"Looking East: Western Artists and the Allure of Japan"; Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville, TN

"Uncommon Folk: Traditions in American Art"; Milwaukee Art Museum, WI

February 1

"Between Mountains and Seas: Arts of the Ancient Andes"; Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas, Austin

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Couture at the Folk Art Museum

January 21, 2014  |  Among the many discussions that are not worth anyone's time is the one about whether fashion should be considered art or not. When the American Folk Art Museum asked thirteen designers to create something based on an object in its collec­tions, the idea was not to prove that, hey, designers are artists too, nor was it to res­cue folk art by translating it into modish ensembles. The point was to allow an eighteenth-century quilt, a tattoo pattern book, a carved coyote, dog, or ram, or a paper cutout to live in another context-where we can see it again with a different eye-and to create something arresting in the process. When the exhibition of the designers' work goes on view at the museum, that point will be made. The lush dress that Creatures of the Wind designed inspired by a Eugene Von Bruenchenhein photograph of his wife, Marie, against a floral background is not an appropriation so much as an apprecia­tion. Catherine Maladrino's white gown translates the complex designs o…» More

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Shows, fairs, and auctions

January 15, 2014  |  Shows and auctions

Jan 15 - 19

The LA Art Show; Los Angeles, CA

January 21 - 26

New York Ceramics Fair; New York City

January 22 - 26

Metro Show; New York, NY

January 24 - 26

Armory Antique Show; New York City

January 23, 24 and 27

"Important American Furniture, Folk Art, Silver and Chinese Export Art"; Christie's, New York City

January 24 - 2

Winter Antiques Show; New York City

January 25

"Visual Grace: Important American Folk Art from the Collection of Ralph O. Esmerian"; Sotheby's, New York City

January 25 - February 1

Master Drawings in New York; New York City

January 25 - February 2

Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair (BRAFA); Brussels, Belgium

January 30 - 3

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show; Miami Beach, FL



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