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Delftware from a St. Louis collection

March 1, 1983  |  BY REKA NEILSON FISHER, Curatorial assistant, Saint Louis Art Museum

THE CREAMICS COLLECTION of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Rosborough Jr., of Webster Groves, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, is mainly devoted to English earthenware of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Initially they collected early nineteenth-century yellow-glazed earthenware, but then they turned to earlier wares, particularly delftware, which attracted them because of the freshness of the decoration, drawn directly on the glaze.

The Rosboroughs' English delftware collection is comprised of all-white, mid-seventeenth-century wares, late seventeenth-century decorated wares primarily made in London and Bristol, and later wares from Bristol, Liverpool, and Dublin. There are also examples of tin-glazed earthenware of exceptional quality from France, Sweden, and Russia.

The Rosboroughs' delftware is distinguished by the collectors' discriminating taste and their sensitive, scholarly approach to collecting.



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