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March 24, 2011  |  Tiffany and Company. Shreve, Crump and Low. Black, Starr and Frost. Marcus and Company. Gorham. Raymond C. Yard. These are just a few of the prominent jewelry retailers supplied by the German-born New York jeweler Gustav Manz in the first decades of the twentieth century. Hitherto little known, Manz's work is examined in "Where credit is due: The life and jewelry of Gustav Manz" by Courtney Bowers, in the September-October 2010 issue of ANTIQUES. But his clients during his peak years-between about 1910 and 1925-were too numerous to document there. The listing that follows, collated from Manz's business records at Winterthur, along with the number of sales he made to each, shows why. Though Manz's mark almost never appears on a piece, his jewelry is definitely out there to be found.

GUSTAV MANZ (number of sales are approximate due to incomplete, illegible and sheer volume of notes)
Tiffany& Company, New York 531
Shreve, Crump & Low, Boston 117
Black,Starr & Frost, New York 112
Marcus &Company, New York 110
A.A.Vantine’s“Oriental Store,” New York 107
F. WalterLawrence, New York 80
Gorham,Providence 80
GeorgeBell/George Bell Co, Denver 77
FerdinandHotz, gem dealer, Chicago 75
T. Zimmer/ Zimmer Brothers, Poughkeepsie, NY 67
T.Kirkpatrick & Co, New York 47
Bailey,Banks & Biddle, Philadelphia 33
Wm. Wise& Sons, Brooklyn 30
J. E.Caldwell, Philadelphia 28
A.Stowell& Co., Boston 28
BigelowKennard, Boston 27
SmithPatterson, 52 Summer Street, Boston 27
Gillot& Co., New York/ Paris 22
Pickslay& Co., New York 20
Combes& Van Roden, Philadelphia 17
Theo. B.Starr, New York 16
L. C.Farrar Co. 14
Van Dusen& Stokes, Philadelphia 11
W. W.Wattles & Sons / Silverware, jewelry. Pittsburgh, PA 10
Cartier,New York/ Paris 9
B.Strauss (Benjamin Strauss) /Backes & Strauss, London 9
Greenleaf& Crosby Co., Palm Beach 8
Udall& Ballou, New York 8
BenjaminE. Palmer/ Palmer & Eadle, New York 7
RussellFreeman, Chicago 7
Becket& Barclay 6
LautzBros., Buffalo, NY 6
Tilden-Thurber, Providence 6
RaymondYard, New York 6
Gilpin& Smith , Philadelphia 5
DavidRough/ David R. Rough, Newport, RI 5
Forth& Powell 5
HenryBirks & Sons, (Henry Birks et Fils), Montreal 4
Brand-Chatillon,New York 4
ArtAlliance, New York 4
Shaw& Brown & Co., (agents for Tiffany Studio Bronze and Glass), New York 4
J. W.Charlton & Co., New York 4
Andrews& Winsten, New York 4
Carl H.Skinner , Boston 3
Maxwell& Berlet, Philadelphia 3
JohnBoylan Inc., New York 3
J. C.Grogan & Co, Pittsburgh 3
ErnstMiehlke 3
Barnett/Barnett Bros. Jewelers, Chicago 3
HugoStrauss, Germany 3
Frank K.Huff Co, Boston 3
TheLittle Shop of T. Azeez , 160 East 72nd Street, New York 2
SamuelKirk & Sons, Baltimore 2
[German]Association for Culture, 8 East 85th Street, New York 2
Dreicer& Co., 560 Fifth Avenue, New York 2
Slater& Co. 2
Mrs.Klapp (Mrs. Wm H. Klapp d. 1915) 5
Mather& Frisch 2
E. Frisdi 2
FredKeim, Frederick C. Keim & Co., New York 2+
P.Gillard [sic] 2
EdithDeane, interior designer and art dealer, New York 2+
Mr. RobHastings, New York 2
Marcellus,Pitt Co. 2
Mrs.Beckham 2
Stardy& Stages Co. 1
Shreve,Treat & Eacret 1
ErnstLisca 1
Chas. E.Graves Co. 1
Chas. VanHeusen (brother of shirt maker), Albany, NY 1
NationalSociety of Craftsmen, 119 East 19th Street, New York 1
Bagg& Co., New York 1
Col. Dayton/ Lt. Col. Edwin W. Dayton, New York 1
J.Arthur, 527 5th Ave. New York 1
J. Moore,527 5th Ave., New York 1
Mrs.Klein 1
MeyerowitzBros. 1
E. M.Gattle & Co., New York 1
J. Martz 1
Mr. S.Baden 1
Turl& Farmer 1
J. Sommer 1
C.W.Sommer/ Charles W. Sommer & Bro. Inc., 527 5th Ave., New York 1
Mr. C.G.Bernhardt 2
“Designerat J. Boylan’s Office” 1
Warner 1
Walter P.McTeigue, New York. (McTeigue, Manz @ Co, 31 West 31st, 1905-1909). 2
Mrs.Farnham/ Mrs. Paulding Farnham (1916 zodiac band ring), New York 1
RalphDewey, New York/ Paris/ Chicago 1
Long SangTi, Inc., 323 Fifth Ave, New York 1
Galt& Brothers, Washington DC 1
Mrs.Mann, (possibly wife of Col. William D’Alton Mann inventor of the “boudoircar” and publisher of society gossip sheet Town Topics) 1
Isabelle/IsabelM. Coles(jewelry artist, workedfor L.C. Tiffany) 1
H.Breunich, President Henry Breunich Coal Co., New York 1
Mrs.Rosenwasser (Lapis earrings, 1922) 1
HarryDohrenwend (Morning Glory Ring) 1
Mrs.Wallen (possibly Mrs. George S. Wallen, nee Nathalie Greene) 1
F.Rodewald, New York 1
E. Frisch/ Edmond Frisch, New York and Palm Beach 1
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nshapir1   04/22/12 | 7:49pm

Mr. Bowers,

Have you found descriptions of the items Manz made for these other companies? if so, did Manz ever make/design match safes for any of his clients?

Thank you.