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Posted 09/09/16

Disruptive influences in Philadelphia

This fall the Philadelphia Museum of Art presents two exhibitions about art and artistry that upended the cultural apple cart—albeit in vastly different times, places, ways, and contexts. 


Posted 03/31/16

Superfluity & Excess: Quaker Philadelphia falls for classical splendor

The fruits of extensive research on Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s 1808 house and furniture for William and Mary Waln begin with their impact on the aesthetic of the city itself.  


Posted 01/26/15

Looking both ways: A Pennsylvania collection keeps present and past in constant touch

"My husband said the house screamed for antique furniture--but I have a hard time with sameness." This candid recollection by a lively collector provides a partial explanation of how and why she and her late husband joined their appetite for antique furniture and folk art with abstract expressionist art and contemporary sculpture. The rest of the explanation lies in the couple's openness to visual experience and their sense of adventure


Posted 04/16/14

Current and coming: A Philadelphia sampler

Those in town for the Philadelphia Antiques Show, a magnet for collectors nationally, are urged to sample all that this historic city and its environs have to offer


Posted 05/09/12

The Kaufman Collection: The pursuit of excellence and a gift to the nation

In my catalogue of friends, mentors, scholars, and collectors, Linda Ha. and the late George M. Kaufman fill all the roles...


Posted 05/01/10

One House Two Worlds

Scholarship, connoisseurship, and comfort characterize the fine eighteenth-century furniture and mid-century modern classics that occupy separate realms in this Maryland town house.


Posted 04/10/10

Antiques Week in Philadelphia

Philadelphia hosts two important antiques shows in mid-April, and free shuttle service between them makes it easy to see everything on offer. The Twenty-third Street Armory Antiques Show, now in its sixteenth year, opens on Friday April 16 and features more than forty dealers showcasing eighteenth- through twentieth-century American and European fine, folk, and decorative arts. A special exhibition entitled Patriotism: Red, White, and True, drawn from the private collections of exhibiting dealers, will include nineteenth- and twentieth-century objects displaying patriotic symbols. 


Posted 01/08/10

Pennsylvania style

The rich art and history of Pennsylvania shine forth in a collection of fine Philadelphia furniture, Pennsylvania folk art, American paintings with regional connections, and Chinese export porcelain and other treasures obtained primarily from local dealers. Photography by Gavin Ashworth


Posted 12/11/09

Benjamin Henry Latrobe and the furniture of John and Hugh Finlay

December 2009 | President James Madison and his wife, Dolley Payne Todd Madison, presided over Wednesday evening gatherings in the French salon tradition that were the highlight of Washington social life.


Posted 09/24/09

The present learns from the past

September 2009 | During an unseasonably warm and sunny weekend last March, the Shelburne Museum and The Magazine ANTIQUES collaborated to give eight contemporary fine and decorative artists a close look at Electra Havemeyer Webb's masterwork, to see how it resonates with the creative mind today.

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