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Posted 01/09/14

Talking antiques: Winter Antiques Show

We asked exhibitors at the Winter Antiques Show to highlight one exceptional object in their booths and describe it as they might to an interested collector. Here are the things they chose, along with some of their comments.


Posted 01/23/13

Bay State riches: The Magazine ANTIQUES and Four Centuries of Massachusetts Furniture

Anxious and awestruck, I waited outside Wendell Garrett's office in the spring of 1971. He was the managing editor of The Magazine Antiques and I was a nervous twenty-three-year-old graduate student in the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture.  


Posted 06/04/12

The boy who loved ANTIQUES

"While my childhood friends were engrossed in Boys' Life, Mad Magazine, and racier fare, I eagerly anticipated next month's issue."


Posted 05/09/12

The Kaufman Collection: The pursuit of excellence and a gift to the nation

In my catalogue of friends, mentors, scholars, and collectors, Linda Ha. and the late George M. Kaufman fill all the roles...


Posted 07/21/11

Fortunate Son: Reading the memoirs of Albert Sack

"I was a good student up through 6th grade but then my priorities became play, friends, and girls. Mother kept a beautiful home. Dad was prosperous in carving out his career which interested me not at all."


Posted 06/09/10

Thomas Spencer

A newly discovered Rhode Island cabinetmaker: Thomas Spencer of East Greenwich.


PUBLISHED 03/05/09

Harbor & Home


Posted 03/05/09

Harbor & Home

March 2009 | That Plymouth and nearby communities on Massachusetts’s South Shore were in the forefront of the antiquarian movement makes it all the more surprising that Harbor and Home: Furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts, 1710–1850, an exhibition that opens this month at the Winterthur Museum in Delaware, is the first methodical study of the region’s early furniture.


PUBLISHED 01/28/09

Store Table Seymour

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