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Posted 10/30/14

A tale of two sofas

The rare duo by John Henry Belter, now restored and on display at the VMFA, were well suited to their long and glamorous role in Washington's social scene 


Posted 09/08/14

About books

Recent noteworthy publications that are a pleasure to read and a delight to behold


Posted 03/04/13

1735-1790: Painters, Paintings, & the American South

The art of the American South begins in the sixteenth century with maps and natural-history drawings created by the first artist-explorers to arrive...


Posted 01/30/13

Current & Coming, January-March

A look ahead the art and antiques world...


Posted 03/12/12

Teamwork in Piedmont, North Carolina

Dr. Thomas H. Sears Jr. and his wife, Sara, are well known in Piedmont, North Carolina, as a couple who are serious about historic preservation and collecting. Over the past forty-five years, their commitment to one another and their shared goals have enabled them to assemble one of North Carolina's finest collections of southern antiques, preserve one of the area's most significant paint-decorated interiors, and construct a warm, inviting home that showcases both.


Posted 09/30/09

A guide to fall symposiums

To celebrate the fall season we've compiled an extensive—though not exhaustive—list of several upcoming symposiums that present an exciting and diverse roster of talks related to art history, decorative arts, design, and visual culture. We hope that you will have a chance to attend some.

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