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Posted 06/17/16

Local color, global appeal

Three New Orleans museums and two community cultural institutions draw visitors from afar by keeping the focus on indigenous artistry.  


Posted 03/04/16

Cajun and Creole, the rough and the fine

Over the past ten years Wade Lege has rescued some of the disappearing landmarks of his native Louisiana, beginning with a group of Acadian cottages and culminating in the ongoing restoration of a Greek revival house originally from Kismet plantation.


Posted 01/23/13

Spirit Feel: A New Orleans Collection

Africa feels close in New Orleans. You hear it in the blue notes and polyrhythmic drumming of jazz. You taste it in the okra-laden gumbos and rice dishes of the local cuisine. You see it in a host of tra­ditional arts, from the richly beaded parading costumes of Mardi Gras Indians to the near-ubiquitous "shotgun" house-a form that derives from African models and is perfectly suited to the sultry climate of a Gulf Coast port.