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Posted 01/09/14

Talking antiques: Winter Antiques Show

We asked exhibitors at the Winter Antiques Show to highlight one exceptional object in their booths and describe it as they might to an interested collector. Here are the things they chose, along with some of their comments.


Posted 05/30/13

Collecting American samplers in Southern California

Good fortune/Good timing: The felicitous and sometimes unexpected manner in which collections develop, as seen in four remarkable Los Angeles-based collections of American needlework.  


Posted 02/13/09

A Reason to Love Antiques

For those seeking a more unusual gift this Valentine's Day, the small booklet The Heart of the Matter: Sentimental Works on Paper by Nineteenth-Century Americans, recently published by dealers David A. Schorsch and Eileen M. Smiles, presents some expressive alternatives, and they are all available for purchase.