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Posted 08/24/09

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Recent issues of The Magazine ANTIQUES have delved into the history and collecting of 20th-century design. The September 2008 article "The lost generation of Danish design" by Gregory Cerio is just one example. For readers interested in learning more about Denmark's design masters the website offers a fine introduction.


Posted 08/10/09

Folk art: Modern design's secret pleasure

August 2009 | Many of the greatest figures in modernist design and architecture were deeply engaged with folk art, on levels ranging from the respectful and intellectual to the avidly celebratory.


Posted 05/08/09

Editor's letter, May 2009

Editor's Letter from The Magazine ANTIQUES May 2009 issue.


Posted 04/18/09


Philadelphia is a city of great character and great contrasts: blue-blooded and blue collar; home of the beaux arts and the Broad Street Bullies; as steeped in history as it is in Tastee Cakes. In today’s Philadelphia, au courant fashion shops nestle next to dealers in exquisite art and antiques.


Posted 04/02/09

What modern was: Mid Century masters of luxury

May 2008 | "Whatever is new, is bad,” Wallace Nutting wrote in 1925. A minister-turned-entrepreneur who almost single-handedly popularized the colonial revival style via the sale of period furniture reproductions, Nutting (1861–1941) was one of the most acerbic partisans in an aesthetic fight waged in the early decades of the twentieth century—a battle between modernism and tradition.


Posted 03/05/09

American studio ceramics at mid century

March 2009 | An important private collection gives the ceramists of the studio craft movement the prominence they deserve


Posted 02/10/09

Palm Beach

February sees the annual Palm Beach Jewelry, Art, and Antique Show, and those who attend the exhibition at the area’s convention center should visit local galleries as well.

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