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Posted 03/13/13

Cradle of liberty, cradle of craft

Philadelphia's unparalleled list of great artist-artisans in the twentieth century is part of a legacy that goes back three hundred years.


Posted 01/01/12

The Unknown Jewelry of Marie Zimmerman

Inspired by the archaeological discoveries of the early twentieth century, Marie Zimmermann created extraordinary, and previously unstudied, jewelry in Egyptian and other revival styles.  


Posted 10/08/09

Queries: Jewelry designer and metal artist Marie Zimmermann

The versatile jewelry designer and metalsmith Marie Zimmermann (1879-1972) is the subject of a forthcoming monograph sponsored by the American Decorative Art 1900 Foundation.


Posted 09/28/09

The Connoisseur's Eye: Grueby vases

Connoisseurship of the vessels produced by the Grueby Faience Company and the Grueby Pottery has been surprisingly slow to develop over the past forty years, during which time collections, exhibitions, and scholarly publications have featured them as exemplars of the American art pottery movement.


Posted 02/03/09

Anna Katharine Green and Charles Rohlfs: Artistic collaborators

December 2008 | For the furniture designer Charles Rohlfs and his wife, Anna Katharine Green, the intermeshing of theater and literature, design and the home, and art and life was the defining characteristic of their marriage.