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Posted 05/06/13

Maine destination

"I really got a sense of what was going on. What impressed me most, truthfully, was the passionate engagement of students and professors. The mu­seum's director at the time, Hugh J. Gourley III, drew us all in. He had an eye for art and a talent for developing friendships," Paula Lunder says.


Posted 03/27/13

Fluent French

House full, collection done, this Philadelphia area couple did what others have perhaps imagined. They began again- passionately, completely, and without reservation. From American folk art they turned to early modern art and design, much of it French. They changed their accent but in truth continued to speak the language of collecting, their shared voice deepened by their experience. 


Posted 03/11/13

Philadelphia collects: City folk

The collectors, Philadelphians Joan M. and Victor L. Johnson, have long been known to enthusiasts of American decorative arts but it was only with their 2009 move from the country to a penthouse apartment in Society Hill that they felt comfortable going public.  


Posted 03/04/13

Loving the Gilded Age and learning how to look

"Newport is a sleeping beauty. It's famous for its houses and the legendary quality of the town, the families that lived here and the events that occurred."


Posted 01/23/13

Living with antiques: A California family gathers its history in a coast-to-coast collection of Americana

You might say that this story begins with a canary-yellow jug...


Posted 11/13/12

South America's epic past unfolds in a New York City town house

Living with antiques: A look inside the home of Roberta and Richard Huber, whose collection will be featured in a forthcoming exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


Posted 11/11/12

All About Eats: Art and the American Imagination in Chicago

Decorative arts, paintings, menus, and recipes describe three centuries of American appetites at the Art Institute of Chicago. The works assembled sample the complex stew of art, politics, class, race, gender, and commerce with an eye toward the ever mutable American character.


Posted 09/04/12

Editor's Letter, September/October 2012

Crude contradictions and useless dichotomies are on my mind just now.


Posted 09/04/12

Beyond moonlight and magnolias

"We would have lost so much in the way of regional history and artifacts had MESDA not undertaken this project when it did."


Posted 07/16/12

Folk art rising

Although the American Folk Art Museum received a great deal of press attention upon the closing of its award-winning building on Fifty-Third Street last year, the really big story was to be found in its immediate resurgence.