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Posted 11/26/14

George Caleb Bingham: A landscape discovery

Rocky Mountains dates to about 1872, when Bingham returned to landscape painting after abandoning the genre for most of the previous decade


Posted 09/08/14

About books

Recent noteworthy publications that are a pleasure to read and a delight to behold


Posted 07/17/09

Editor's letter, July 2009

Editor's Letter from The Magazine ANTIQUES July 2009 issue.


PUBLISHED 07/16/09

Creating the West in Art


Posted 07/16/09

Creating the West in art

July 2009 | For about two generations now, a group of American museums has been exploring the nature and significance of western art. It was exactly fifty years ago that the Whitney Gallery of Western Art (sister institution to New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art) was founded with that charge as its mission.


Posted 02/02/09

Ernest Blumenschein and the Indians

November 2009 | Ernest L. Blumenschein is recognized for multiple and magnificent contributions to American art and culture. Yet there was one dimension of his world that was enduringly unambiguous, and that was his own philosophical take on the favorite subject in his art, the American Indian.

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