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Posted 05/30/13

American vernacular rococo

A long and winding S-curve: American vernacular rococo in the southern backcountry


Posted 09/04/12

Beyond moonlight and magnolias

"We would have lost so much in the way of regional history and artifacts had MESDA not undertaken this project when it did."


Posted 07/12/12

The discovery of William Black

When the late southern decorative arts expert and author John Bivins Jr. published his 1968 book on early North Carolina firearms, he noted that, "among surviving implements...of early America and the South, few art forms have stirred the imagina¬tion more than the American longrifle."1 Created by craftsmen working in rural communities, long rifles could be objects of both beauty and utility on the early American frontier.


Posted 02/05/12

Miniature discoveries

The recent appearance of two portrait miniatures leads to new information about back­country South Carolina artist Isaac Brownfield Alexander.


Posted 04/02/09

Servitude and Splendor: The craftsmen and carved furniture of the Rappahannock River valley, 1740 to 1780

May 2008 | The craftsmen and the carved furniture of the Rappahannock River valley, 1740–1780    

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