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Posted 05/10/14

Crossing borders, ignoring boundaries

Three contemporary American artists offer their views on the influence of art and art­ists in the American Folk Art Museum's pathbreaking Self-Taught Genius show, now open


Posted 07/31/13

The game is a foot

The game board collection of Bruce and Doranna Wendel


Posted 07/31/12

Editor's Letter, July/August 2012

   Folk art’s adventure persists precisely because of its capacity to include rather than exclude.  


Posted 07/16/12

Folk art rising

Although the American Folk Art Museum received a great deal of press attention upon the closing of its award-winning building on Fifty-Third Street last year, the really big story was to be found in its immediate resurgence.


Posted 04/10/10

Women and folk art and imperial silver in New York

So many exhibitions open in New York in any given month that it is hard to choose which ones to feature. Two that have great appeal are Women Only: Folk Art by Female Hands, at the American Folk Art Museum, and Vienna Circa 1780: An Imperial Silver Service Rediscovered, on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from April 13 to November 7.


Posted 01/22/10

Curator's Choice: A tour of TAAS with Stacy C. Hollander

A visit to the American Antiques Show (also known as TAAS) at the Metropolitan Pavilion is always filled with discovery, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to join a special tour of the show with Stacy C. Hollander, the American Folk Art Museum's senior curator and director of exhibitions.


Posted 01/19/10

Antiques season in New York

An overview of the major upcoming antiques fairs and auctions held in New York in January 2010.


PUBLISHED 02/04/09

Asa Ames New Discoveries


Posted 02/04/09

Asa Ames: New Discoveries

August 2009 | The revelation of the rare daguerreotype portrait of Asa Ames, and the new research that has come to light over the past few years, urge a reexamination of the artist's oeuvre.

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