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Posted 05/30/13

Collecting American samplers in Southern California

Good fortune/Good timing: The felicitous and sometimes unexpected manner in which collections develop, as seen in four remarkable Los Angeles-based collections of American needlework.  


Posted 05/30/13

A long time gone: Art, the Kennedy years, and the Hotel Texas

On the eve of President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy's visit to Dallas in 1963 a group of Fort Worth collectors gathered sixteen mas­terworks of European and American art and installed them in the presidential suite in the Hotel Texas.


Posted 01/23/13

Bay State riches: The Magazine ANTIQUES and Four Centuries of Massachusetts Furniture

Anxious and awestruck, I waited outside Wendell Garrett's office in the spring of 1971. He was the managing editor of The Magazine Antiques and I was a nervous twenty-three-year-old graduate student in the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture.  


Posted 01/23/13

Wendell D. Garrett, 1929-2012

The editorials that Wendell Garrett wrote for this magazine over forty years radiate a quiet confidence in American democracy. But if you read a great many of them alongside the notebooks of quotations he kept throughout his life you begin to see a man who was actually turning over the topsoil of our democracy in search of solid ground to justify that confidence.


Posted 11/13/12

The Huntington murals at the Yale University Art Gallery

Even without the sumptuous marble and gilded surfaces, tapestries, and stained glass of their original environment, the new Yale University Art Gallery installation of the Huntington murals is a critical aid in the reconstruction of a little known but important part of our cultural history. 


Posted 09/04/12

Right place, right time: The Grigson-Didier house in New Orleans

To understand the world of James Donald Didier you should pay attention to his silence. This is a man who sees history; too much talk and too many questions will only extinguish what the eye should behold and the spirit feel.


Posted 06/04/12

The boy who loved ANTIQUES

"While my childhood friends were engrossed in Boys' Life, Mad Magazine, and racier fare, I eagerly anticipated next month's issue."


Posted 07/21/11

Living With Antiques: The Kentucky collection of Sharon and Mack Cox

Pull back from the Kentucky myth and look around Mack and Sharon Cox's house, and a world of Kentucky decorative arts unfolds that is both cultivated and uniquely Kentucky.


Posted 01/11/10

Query: Samuel Percy, wax portrait modeller

The life and work of British wax portrait modeller and aspiring sculptor Samuel Percy (1753-1819) is the subject of a research program  being undertaken by Ruth Ord-Hume of Guilford, Surrey, in the UK.


Posted 01/08/10

Modern sculptors and American folk art

"Do not bore. Do not be obvious." That was the advice given by painter, teacher, and critic Hamilton Easter Field to his students in the Ogunquit School of Paint­ing and Sculpture.

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