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Posted 03/12/12

Tradition and innovation at Longwood Gardens

Thirty miles from Philadelphia, Pierre S. du Pont's gardens are among the world's most visited due to their nimble mix of history and modernity...and some spectacular showmanship


Posted 11/21/11

Vose Galleries at 170

Vose Galleries of Boston is that rarest of survivors: now completing its 170th year in business and still under the direction of the founding family, the firm


Posted 08/10/09

Utility, artistry, and soul: The collection of Allan and Penny Katz

August 2009 | The qualities that dealers Allan and Penny Katz admire in sculptural folk art are evident in their collection and in their lives. 


Posted 04/15/09

Curator profile: Philip Zea

"Although I have lived elsewhere," Philip Zea says, "it looks like I'm contained by the Connecticut Valley." More specifically, by the remarkable microcosm of Deerfield, Massachusetts, where he has served the unique living museum Historic Deerfield in one capacity or another, most recently as president, for more than twenty-three years.


Posted 04/09/09

Living with antiques: Shaker

A family follows the Shaker spirit in assembling a collection of furniture


Posted 04/08/09

Editor's letter, April 2009

Editor's Letter from The Magazine ANTIQUES April 2009 issue.


Posted 02/02/09

Not for sale: An exquisitely made collection of miniature furniture

December 2009 | A collection of miniature furniture that was bought, sold, and bought again by a Connecticut antiques dealer takes up permanent residence.


PUBLISHED 12/31/69

Longwood Gardens

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