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Posted 07/28/14

New collector: Spratling silver

A closer look at the stylish, highly imaginative oeuvre of the designer William Spratling, whose work earned him the sobriquet "Father of Contemporary Mexican Silver"


Posted 07/16/12

Southern California modernism engages colonial New England

An advertisement placed by the Los Angeles department store Barker Brothers in the Los Angeles Times on November 13, 1929, records the earliest appearance of Porter Blanchard's Commonwealth pattern, the first American flatware pattern to embrace modernism in both form and ornament


Posted 10/23/09

Chicago and the arts and crafts movement

October 2009 | During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Chicago stood at the crossroads of the handcrafted and the machine-made, aspects that came to define the American arts and crafts movement.


Posted 04/23/09

Arts and crafts silver

Old silver is a classic collecting field, one that combines the aesthetic pleasures of imaginative design, fine workmanship, and history. In the often hotly competitive field of American silver, the latest area to fire the acquisitive imagination seems to be the arts and crafts style.

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