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Posted 07/01/15

A charmed life

English inspiration, American creativity, and a bit of historical luck are joined in the author’s house and gardens


Posted 03/12/12

Editor's Letter, March/April 2012

You might think that showing a rock goddess's photos at a major museum would stir up my paranoia...


Posted 01/01/12

Hudson River Classics: Edgewater and Richard Hampton Jenrette

Jenrette-who in 1993 established the Classical American Homes Preservation Trust to promote six historic properties between New York and Saint Croix that he restored and opened to the public-even h


Posted 04/14/09

The Faces of Madison, Georgia

Readers who enjoyed William Nathaniel Banks's article about Madison, Georgia, in our April issue now have another reason to visit that historic and beautiful town, which is celebrating its bicentennial this year. The Madison-Morgan Cultural Center is presenting an exhibition entitled The Many Faces of Madison: A History of Portrait Painting in the Piedmont, which includes thirty-five likenesses dating from the late eighteenth century to 1985, with most from the nineteenth century.


Posted 04/09/09

History in towns: Madison, Georgia

April 2009 | The town of Madison, in Morgan County, Georgia, was lauded in 1849 by the historian George White (1802-1887). "There are as many well educated gentlemen and ladies in Madison as in any portion of the State," he wrote. "Many of the citizens are wealthy, and live in much style..."