Make Americana great again: The Wunsch family has a plan

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Among aficionados of early American decorative arts, the name Wunsch is legendary. The family’s art and antiques collection—started by the canny and ever-curious engineer E. Martin Wunsch (1924–2013), and administered under the aegis of the Wunsch Americana Foundation—is one of the most important in the field.

Woodcarver Kate Mosher at the Kentucky Historical Society

Editorial Staff

Earlier this month when the Kentucky Historical Society sent us information on its upcoming exhibition Great Revivals: Kentucky Decorative Arts Treasures opening June 6, I was delighted to see several outstanding examples of 19th-century American decorative art. The exhibition, organized by the guest curator Estill Curtis Pennington, highlights the five distinct styles that emerged in the period from 1800-1920: Federal, …