Getting the blues: Transfer ware translated by three contemporary artists

Cillian Finnerty Furniture & Decorative Arts

You can only imagine what the china connoisseur in Edward Lamson Henry’s 1889 A Lover of Old China might think upon encountering a plate made by one of the three contemporary artists shown here. A Lover of Old China by Edward Lamson Henry (1841-1919), 1889.  Oil on academy board, 14 by 12 inches. Shelburne Museum, Vermont. We, on the other …

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The legacy of Henry Davis Sleeper

Editorial Staff Furniture & Decorative Arts

December 2009 | November 1915. On “one of those autumn days when the darkness comes so suddenly that one seems to bump one’s head against it,” a small party departs from an unnamed city. Wrapped in furs and nestling into blankets, they huddle in the back of the open car to ward off the chill. Soon paved roads give way …

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Windows on the past: Watercolors of long-vanished houses and gardens

Editorial Staff

August 2008 | Earlier this year the New York Times ran a report on the “new” trend of homeowners hiring celebrated photographers to document their houses. Once at the mercy of shelter magazines to showcase their interiors, these people have bypassed those arbiters and commissioned photographs to be hung on their walls and assembled into sumptuously designed albums for their …

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Indian silver for the Raj

Editorial Staff

October 2008 | Some categories of objects seem so well researched that it is hard to imagine that there is any new ground to discover. The art of the silversmith has long seemed to be one such area, so it is especially thrilling to be confronted with completely unfamiliar material at Columbia University’s Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, …

The ‘It’ chair

Editorial Staff Art

January 2009 | Fashion and the public, both fickle, love the new, so it is curious that a chair designed some 250 years ago has suddenly become the “it” accessory in many trendsetting houses. Furnishings do nothave publicists or agents, but they do have shelter magazines. If you read any of them, chances are you have seen the so-called Frances …