Editor's Letter

Gregory Cerio

Critical Thinking/Difficult Issues

Legacies of the New Deal
Glenn Adamson

Current and Coming

High time for Picasso and Calder, the storm of Albert Pinkham Ryder, objects at R and Co., and more

Object Lesson

Pennsylvania Spice Boxes . . . or are they Chests? . . . or Cabinets?
Benjamin Davidson and Pippa Biddle

New Light

Hidden in Plain Sight. Researchers in Williamsburg identify a building that housed an eighteenth-century school for Black children
Matthew Webster

On Books

A collection of everyday and extraordinary objects from preindustrial Britain, each marked with a date
Ellenor Alcorn

Curious Objects

Chatting about museum health and Georgian glass, on our Curious Objects podcast
Sammy Dalati


Elizabeth Lanza


The Struggle Search Continues
Eleanor H. Gustafson

On the cover: Detail of Langston Hughes (1902-1967) by Winold Reiss, 1926. National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, gift of W. Tjark Reiss in memory of his father, Winold Reiss.

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Going Medieval

Cardiff Castle in Wales embodies the Victorian era's love for the myth and lore of times long past

Barrymore Laurence Scherer

Masterful Mentor

The artist Frank Vincent DuMond made a career helping other painters to see

Thomas Connors

The Frick out of the Frame

While its stately home sees renovations, the Frick Collection moves to temporary quarters on Madison Avenue that place its Old World masterpieces in a striking new context

James Gardner

An Immigrant Artist of the Jazz Age

A forthcoming exhibition at the New-York Historical Society and its catalogue cast a spotlight on the under-sung German-born artist and designer Winold Reiss

Debra Schmidt Bach

Empathy on Her Palette

Along with the distinctive humanity of her subjects, what emerges from the portraits of Alice Neel is a sense of the artist's own compassionate decency

James Gardner

Marriage à la Mode

Design styles from art nouveau to modernism informed the intertwined legacy of Hector and Adeline Guimard

Sarah D. Coffin

The West That Was

Swiss-born artist Karl Bodmer documented Native life in the early ninetteenth century with eyes unclouded by notions of Manifest Destiny

Elizabeth Pochoda