A Fruitful Exchange

  |   The emergence of Native American floral beadwork, one of the…

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Breaking ground: British folk art at the Tate

  |  A millennium overdue, the first ever exhibition of British fol…

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House of the spirits

  |  Several centuries of regional art and architecture come togeth…

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Crossing borders, ignoring boundaries

  |  Three contemporary American artists offer their views on… » More

Harmonic inventions

  |  Cedar House brings together art and nature, East and Wes… » More

Touching nature

  |  Like British poets, British artists have long been inspi… » More

Visions and revisions of Paris

  |  The photographs of Charles Marville were equal to the ta… » More

Late bloomers: The Purple Foliage Workshop

  |  The second quarter of the eighteenth cen­tury is thought… » More

Audubon's birds, Audubon's words

  |  It was not his first language, but Audubon's English del… » More

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NYG 2013

Smelling the flowers: A closer look at permanent collections

  |  August 12, 2014

In this, the quietest season of the year for the New York art world, when most of the commercial galleries are shuttered and the museums have been abandoned to th… » More

End notes: Summer of art

  |  July 28, 2014

Do you remember the game License Plates, when vacation travel meant keeping your eyes peeled for car tags from as many states as possible? Well, this summer… » More

Current and coming: Books at the Morgan

  |  July 30, 2014

Whatever my other sins might be, envy is not usually among them. And yet, I recently felt that unwelcome emotion as I leafed through a coffee table book devoted t… » More