One Off

  |  "There has never been another artist like George Caleb Bingham"

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Speaking Through Wood

  |  "The Civil War has left its mark on two important pieces of ve…

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Black dolls

  |  Margo Jefferson | Miniature trains and boats; animals and pict…

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George Washington's brush with immortality: The hair relics of a sainted hero

  |  The eighteenth century had no pollsters to assess what v… » More

Disturbers of the Peace

  |  One sign of an important exhibition may be its ability t… » More

Gray matters

  |  Recent films, exhibitions, and books re-establish Eileen… » More

Wonder and menace, dreams and nightmares: Visions of Coney Island

  |  An extraordinary array of artists have perceived Coney I… » More

High tops and low

  |  Among the contents of the Allen Ginsberg Papers in Stanf… » More

On stage in the garden: The roots of Frida Kahlo’s art at the New York Botanical Garden

  |  After decades of lionization, what more could there be t… » More

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A message from the editor

  |  July 29, 2015

We look forward to the merger of The Magazine ANTIQUES and MODERN Magazine with ARTNEWS S.A. as we expand our digital presence, reach new readers, and bring the b… » More

Current and coming: The Scene

  |  September 3, 2015

When it opened last fall on Newport’s swank Bellevue Avenue, the Audrain Automobile Museum was immediately up to speed (metaphors drawn from car culture are inexc… » More

End notes: John Singer Sargent's portraits at the MET

  |  September 8, 2015

“Scintillating…addictive” applauded The Guardian; “outstanding…one of the best I’ve ever seen,” acclaimed The Telegraph; “mesmerising” said The Spectator. All wer… » More