Invisible Artistry: The restoration of a late seventeenth-century London town house

  |  When a client asked the London antiques dealer Robert Young to…

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Looking both ways: A Pennsylvania collection keeps present and past in constant touch

  |  "My husband said the house screamed for antique furniture--but…

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Ahead of the curve: The Newark Museum now and then

  |  In a better world we would all be thronging the doors of the N…

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More than a treasure box

  |  The newly opened Cooper Hewitt points the way for the im… » More

They all slept here

  |  An eighteenth-century house and its collections in Kinde… » More

Palaces regained

  |  Of the many Lobkowicz palaces occupied by the Nazis and … » More

A tale of two sofas

  |  The rare duo by John Henry Belter, now restored and on d… » More

The democratization of glamour

  |  The Mu­seum of Fine Arts, Boston's glittering exhibition… » More

Lost (and found) illusions

  |  Inspired by the visual pleasures of letter-rack painting… » More

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NYG 2013

Museum accessions

  |  February 24, 2015

This short list of notable acquisitions began with a request to decorative arts curators in major American museums to choose and discuss a favorite recent gift or… » More

Farther afield: TEFAF, BADA, and the Salon du Dessin

  |  February 9, 2015

Europe puts its best foot forward to welcome the massive influx of international collectors and dealers who head there each spring.  The European Fine Art Fair (T… » More

Morse at the Huntington Library

  |  February 9, 2015

It would probably surprise Samuel F. B. Morse, and not pleasantly, that future generations know him for his invention of Morse code and his services to telegraphy… » More