A spirited conversation: The European and American Galleries at the Harvard Art Museums

  |  When visitors enter the renovated and reinstalled Harvard Art …

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Prince Demah Barnes: Portraitist and slave in colonial Boston

  |  At first glance, the small oil portrait of a handsome man in a…

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Living with Thomas Jayne

  |  Objects, textures, and curios both ancient and modern are on s…

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Invisible Artistry: The restoration of a late seventeenth-century London town house

  |  When a client asked the London antiques dealer Robert Yo… » More

Looking both ways: A Pennsylvania collection keeps present and past in constant touch

  |  "My husband said the house screamed for antique furnitur… » More

Ahead of the curve: The Newark Museum now and then

  |  In a better world we would all be thronging the doors of… » More

More than a treasure box

  |  The newly opened Cooper Hewitt points the way for the im… » More

Habsburg flash and filigree

  |  The splendor of the house of Habsburg was always inverse… » More

Palaces regained

  |  Of the many Lobkowicz palaces occupied by the Nazis and … » More

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NYG 2013

Editor's letter, May/June 2015

  |  May 26, 2015

We missed something this spring, and at this point all I can do is urge you not to miss it too. I refer to When the Curtain Never Comes Down at the American Folk … » More

Current and coming: Coney Island in Hartford

  |  April 27, 2015

                  There will be four venues in the coming year for the exhibition Coney Island: Visions of An American Dreamland, 1861 - 2008. Would th… » More

End notes: Sylvia L. Yount takes charge of the Met's American Wing

  |  March 16, 2015

Based as we are in New York, the staff of The Magazine ANTIQUES has a fond if not proprietary tendency to look upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art, especially its… » More