Superfluity & Excess: Quaker Philadelphia falls for classical splendor

  |  The fruits of extensive research on Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s 1…

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Sites along the Schuylkill

  |  The story goes that the Dutch, sailing up the Delaware River, …

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Cajun and Creole, the rough and the fine

  |  Over the past ten years Wade Lege has rescued some of the disa…

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Enlightenment in Black and White

  |  Nestled along the luxuriant cliff-side banks of the Meko… » More

Getting the blues: Transfer ware translated by three contemporary artists

  |  Y ou can only imagine what the china connoisseur in Edwa… » More

OMG Indeed!

  |  It was quiet in the galleries last September as I took a… » More

Rockwell Kent and Edward Hopper: Looking out, Looking Within

  |  Consider Rockwell Kent's paintings of land and sea as mo… » More

What we talk about when we talk about naive art

  |  Late in the 1970s, sailing in the Grenadines, my wife Br… » More

New Worlds, New Art

  |  Landscape painting in all the Americas, a touring exhib… » More

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Editor's Letter

  |  March 8, 2016

The American Revolution has a hit on its hands with Hamilton, the hip-hop musical currently lighting up Broadway. “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story,” t… » More

The Schwarz Gallery

  |  April 1, 2016

by Gregory Cerio The Private Office of George William Childs at the Philadelphia Public Ledger, Philadelphia by George Bacon Wood Jr. (1832–1910), 1877. Oil on… » More

The Fabric Workshop and Museum

  |  March 8, 2016

At the moment, Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop and Museum has a national reputation though it is less well known around town. In one respect it is a little like it… » More