Curious Objects: Introducing the New Antiquarians

Benjamin Miller and Michael Diaz-Griffith Curious Objects

Clockwise from top left: Carleigh Queenth, Michael Diaz-Griffith, Emily Bode, Benjamin Miller

At the Winter Show’s 2019 sapphire jubilee, Curious Objects hosted a panel discussion with four young mavens of the antiques world—Michael Diaz-Griffith, associate executive director of the Winter Show; Emily Bode, designer and founder of fashion label Bode; Carleigh Queenth, vice president and specialist head of the European ceramics and glass department at Christie’s, New York; and Benjamin Miller, host of the podcast—in the Park Avenue Armory’s resplendent Herter Brothers–designed Board of Officers Room. They’d gathered to discuss the future of antiques, and to announce the birth of a community of interest called the New Antiquarians, which will champion antiques, historic art, and the material culture of the past.

Listen to the full episode above, or watch the discussion below.


Rococo interior scene attributed to I. F. Zeidler, c. 1750. Watercolor on paper, 5 5/8 by 7 1/8 inches. Collection of Michael Diaz-Griffith.

Michael Diaz-Griffith (@michaeldiazgriffith) is associate executive director of the Winter Show, and co-founder of the New Antiquarians. Involved with the Winter Show since 2014, when he served as staff coordinator, Diaz-Griffith is committed to introducing art and antiques to a younger generation of collectors and is focused on expanding the show’s audience. He received his bachelor’s degree at the College of the Atlantic in Maine, his master’s from King’s College London, and holds a graduate certificate in fine and decorative arts from Sotheby’s. He is a member of the American Young Georgians and of the Victorian Society in America.

Aluminum measuring spoons, American, 1950s. Collection of Carleigh Queenth.

Carleigh Queenth (@breakingisbad) is Vice President, Specialist Head of the European Ceramics and Glass department at Christie’s, New York. She began at Christie’s in 2004 and specializes in eighteenth and nineteenth century European ceramics and Chinese export art. During her tenure she has worked closely on the collection sales of María Félix, Benjamin F. Edwards, Robert Hatfield Ellsworth, Richard Melon Scaife, President Ronald Reagan, and David and Peggy Rockefeller among others. She is a board member of the American Ceramic Circle, the French Porcelain Society, the Majolica International Society, and is an Attingham Summer School alumna. Her Instagram account exclusively promotes historical and contemporary ceramics and has been featured in Vanity Fair (UK, November 2018) and Homes & Gardens (UK, March 2017).

Beaded Tab Jacket made from a mid-century wool blanket and adorned with 1950s children’s beads. Courtesy of Bode.

Emily Adams Bode (@bode) was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After studying in Switzerland, she moved to New York and graduated from Parsons School of Design and Eugene Lang College with a BA/BFA dual-degree in menswear design and philosophy. After gaining inspiration while working for brands such as Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs, Bode launched her namesake brand Bode in July 2016 with a menswear collection made from globally-sourced antique fabrics.

Silver teapot by Howard Sterling Company, Providence, RI, c. 1886-1902. Collection of Benjamin Miller.