Doyle & Doyle decks the halls

Editorial Staff Art

The Aurora Borealis, twinkle lights, and tinsel. The best parts of winter always involve a bit of sparkle.  With that in mind New York City jewelry shop Doyle & Doyle, founded by sisters Elizabeth and Irene Pamela Doyle in 2000, recently hosted its annual holiday party—where guests were offered stylings with pieces from the store’s collection of antique baubles. Revelers filled the small Lower East Side store to drink champagne and survey the collection, where jewelry is displayed like art in wall-mounted cases.

Ranging from Georgian to retro, Doyle & Doyle’s collection maintains a signature look across the decades—delicate and refined, with more than a few diamonds on hand. An Edwardian locket, for example, dusts off any stale associations thanks to its richly patterned blue enamel offset by furling gold ribbons and a well-placed diamond.  An oversize heart-shaped malachite brooch would look as well on the lapel of a black bomber jacket as on your great aunt’s Chanel.  A pair of Georgian earrings adorned with topaz and intricate filigree work could be mistaken for Lacroix even though by 2010 they will have rung in a few centuries worth of New Years.  But aside from all the history, Doyle & Doyle is also fashioning new jewelry worth treasuring.  Their Heirloom line, which includes star-shaped diamond-set drop earrings, acrostic charms, and bow-shaped rings, features designs that echo but never copy antique styles.  Everything in the shop works well together, and most importantly has just the right amount of shine, sparkle, and luster.

Doyle & Doyle is located at 189 Orchard Street, New York. For more information visit or call 212-677-9991.