Farther afield: Mannequins at the reopened Musée Bourdelle

Editorial Staff Exhibitions

The Musée Bourdelle reopens after an eight-month renovation with a special exhibition devoted to artists’ mannequins. The show plumbs the “unsettling strangeness” of these objects with a display of rare mannequins from the eighteenth century to the present day as well as paintings, drawings, engravings, and photographs that reveal their relationships with the artists who depicted them. A catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition, jointly organized with the Fitzwilliam Museum where it was seen earlier.

Visitors to this jewel-like museum will also enjoy the chance to visit the newly freshened house, studio, and gardens of sculptor Antoine Bourdelle.


Top: Neoclassical articulated mannequin, Italian, c. 1810. © Accademia Carrara, Bergamo, Italy. Left: German mennequin, c. 1550. © Private collection, London. Right:  Edison Talking Doll by Thomas A. Edison (1847-1941), c. 1890-1900. Private collection, Norway.

Mannequins: From the Artist’s Studio to Fetish Object • Musée Bourdelle, Paris • to July 12 • bourdelle.paris.fr